Royal Anber amber micro business is not to say that you can do to do to understand the micro busines

Royal Anber amber micro business is not to say that you can do to do to understand the micro busines

is a mobile phone, you can micro business, this is a monthly income of tens of thousands of micro business people? Is playing under the banner, the myth can be turned into MLM micro business.

era of mobile Internet, the mobile terminal is realized with the electricity supplier, is definitely a big fish any Internet entrepreneurs are reluctant to let go, and as the maximum flow and active mobile social of WeChat, has become the largest electricity supplier in the realization of the platform, people explore, in advertising, in marketing, some people make money money has changed a few luxury cars, people have tasted, feeling "dream plump, reality is always naked", some people have cheated over Ling injury, injured all over the body……

Royal Anber to say, micro business is not what you want to be able to do, location, layout, from finding a source to find the source, from the operator to the customer service service, if you take the derivative into three, it eventually you must also be the start of the three: no money, no friends, no future.

Royal Anber amber CEO had done the planning, assembly line workers, made clothing business and real estate intermediary, in 2011 entered the amber jewellery market, amber trading market is still not mature, 3 years, European amber jewelry concept into the domestic electricity supplier, and quickly catch up with the bus mobile internet.

This is the middle of

with those of micro business really came to the concept of Royal Anber amber yiyidaolai?.

what do you think you are,


you want to start, want to make money, to benefit from the user, there is only what? With the service you provide, even with good products, also can be classified as "good service" concept, so what is the service? Enticement, deceit, bombastic? Maybe you can use some tricks from ten to 1000 person there to win profit, but it is absolutely impossible to radiation from one of the ten circle of friends want to get any interest, this is the circle of friends, is the most valued word-of-mouth marketing.

you are the person who provides the service for the user, and therefore obtains own due profit.

how do you want to do micro business?

A simple tool for

derivative is a mobile phone, but from the source, from the micro business customer service, every process is not small, a handmade cake lady, one surface due to fermentation leads to a large number of acid food user error, abusive, or one apology you turn a deaf ear to you the next Perfect Handmade cake, plus a fine snack, this is every customer service, meticulous service, to bring the user’s complete sales.

micro business needs to ensure what? Your supply is guaranteed, if there is a guarantee of your product (do not sell you do not believe, even if it is true), whether you have the ability to deal with unexpected problems, give the most sincere service.

finally, Royal Anber would like to remind you to do business, to micro business friends, mobile Internet already ready, you need more than just see this big trend of mobile Internet.

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