Less than two times a year sued Because of the connivance and selling luxury brand by Alibaba sued

Less than two times a year sued Because of the connivance and selling luxury brand by Alibaba sued

Abstract: Alibaba for conniving at Friday when selling, by French Open Cloud group and a number of luxury brands in the United States litigation claims, mainly around the Alibaba intentionally counterfeiters selling its products to create the possibility in the world.


[Changle] titanium Media Editor / song according to Reuters, Alibaba because of connivance and selling on Friday when he was attacked by the French Open, a number of luxury brands cloud under the group litigation in the United States, claims mainly around the Alibaba intentionally for the counterfeiters in the world to sell its products to create a possibility.

Open Cloud group’s luxury brands, including Gucci, Laurent Balenciaga etc.. The lawsuit said that the Alibaba and its related entities "to sell counterfeit and shoddy products to American customers, to provide market advertising and other necessary services". Cloud group also said that Alibaba had conspired to produce counterfeit products, and Ali also provide services for its sales and transportation, resulting in the use of these counterfeit products without permission of the plaintiff’s trademark. The company has accused Alibaba of violating trademark and fraud laws, demanding compensation for damages and a ban on Alibaba.

Open Cloud group also cited in the lawsuit, for example, Chinese businesses to provide suspected counterfeit Gucci package, each only $2 to $5, while authentic Gucci package retail price of $795. Alibaba know that there are businesses in the sale of counterfeit products, still allows the merchant to continue to sell counterfeit products on its platform.

fact, over the years, Alibaba’s platform, including Taobao, has been plagued by fake and shoddy products. Although in 2012, the office of the U.S. trade representative from Taobao "bad market" (Notorious Markets) list, and it does not really quell fake events. Along with the listing of Alibaba, fake event has become the focus of attention at home and abroad.

filed a lawsuit on Friday, is to open the cloud group’s brand in less than a year, the alleged sale of counterfeit products Alibaba alleged second prosecution. In July last year, the group opened a similar lawsuit. However, after the opening of the cloud group and Alibaba to reach a settlement and to maintain the power to prosecute again, the company revoked the lawsuit in the month.

in fact, before the American Apparel and Footwear Association and Alibaba to combat fake measures of the conversation, but the implementation process has been slow, the Association believes that the Alibaba’s efforts were not enough, and called for the SEC to increase the Alibaba in taobao.com fake review of. The Association believes that the efforts of Alibaba is not enough, it does not have the ability, or no interest in radical cure this problem."

in China, between the beginning of the Alibaba and the Administration for Industry and Commerce on selling online confrontation is this also led to the United States as one falls, another rises, lawyers filed a lawsuit against the Alibaba, the.

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