You robbed my domain name don’t say wronged you

You robbed my domain name don’t say wronged you

      domain users "fivexing" received an interesting letter to share:

maybe you are elated, but I deeply despise you!
I at the end of September "a lot of domain name query, some are not timely registration. When
today I am ready to sign up, but found a lot of the domain name you have been registered in a few days before the query again.
these are your registered domain name, some good, some very rare and even ungrammatical, obviously, this is not a coincidence.
you must be in some illegal means from the background to see my query results.

I do not know who you are, do not know what is the means to see, but I despise your behavior, despise your character.
If I wronged you, please reply. I will apologize to you!
but, I guess you will not have the courage to face the.

actually like this thing, each domain name investors are often encountered, too many purely coincidental. Except for some good businesses, such as a code for "a well-known domain name registrar Cai Qilin vest, he notes the domain name is not a coincidence, the basic people registered in a well-known domain name service provider platform query was not registered, goods will be good the registration in the near future. There is no hostility to a well-known domain name registration service provider, only with the facts.

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