Shaobao nets promotion combat is best suited to their own

Shaobao nets promotion combat is best suited to their own

recently busy, not for a long time to send the Admin5 station network, to promote the actual articles, we explore together! Shaobao nets basically did not do what promotion, major traffic sources:

referral website 46%

search engine 36%

direct access to 18%

look from the order conversion rate,

Baidu natural flow: 1.2%

direct input: 1.9%

GG natural flow: 2.1%

GG SEM:0.9%

Baidu bid: 2.2%

analysis results:

1 Baidu natural flow is much higher than GG, but GG conversion rate is high, the same period of the order is roughly the same;

2 Baidu SEM conversion price is higher than a lot of GG, but the price is much more expensive than Baidu GG SEM, compared to GG SEM cheaper points (both in the thirty or forty yuan / single);

3 direct input is the main source of traffic Shaobao nets, in terms of traffic and conversion rates are relatively high;

4 conversion rate and product characteristics have a great relationship, put the computer package related keywords Shaobao nets conversion rate is very high, the other package is much lower.


1 GG SEM conversion rate should have much room for improvement, may be the choice of non computer package (less competitive products) keywords;

2 from the search engine natural flow is 3 times the price, whether the bidding on the siopao or too little (if GG for conversion and the flow of ascension to the natural flow level, the order quantity and cost is substantial)

In addition to

3 search engines and direct input, Shaobao nets in other ways the order less special, did not find the right way of promotion;

4 navigation station has no conversion rate (because you did not want to come in after the package, after all, the computer package users too narrow);

No one is willing to push

5 CPS, chose the Shaobao nets CPS website also is the most basic station navigation station, not what price effect;

6 Shaobao nets and well-known notebook forum 51nb tried forum of cooperation, have certain effect, but not obvious.


1 product is the core of the conversion rate, if there is a competitive product promotion is much easier;

2 in addition to expand computer package product line, we feel that the Shaobao nets in the promotion but also how to improve the


added: GG SEM monthly results (January 20th)

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