EMS WeChat sell fresh micro business contributed 40% sales

EMS WeChat sell fresh micro business contributed 40% sales

June 1st news, has been operating for two years of low debugging EMS’s fresh platform, the speed of fresh recently received attention. This is no App, no PC site, only WeChat platform for the end of the platform with the help of personal distribution to expand the market has become the focus of many people in the industry. 3~4 months of this year, the micro mall grew by about 230%, upgraded to become the official WeChat EMS brand new mall.

billion state power network to understand, speed of fresh mainly by the Guangdong postal operations, sales positions are mainly concentrated in the WeChat mall. At present, the speed of fresh micro mall on-line merchandise category includes fruits, tea and other agricultural products. Suppliers from Guangdong, Guangxi, Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces.

according to EMS speed micro mall responsible person, Guangdong post in June 2015 or so, formally launched a micro mall like, as the Mid Autumn Festival online sales platform. In addition to the Mid Autumn Festival products, sales + delivery mode began to try selling fruit fresh products.

at present, the speed of fresh micro mall average monthly sales of 5000~6000, sales of 50~65 million, the price in about 90-120 yuan, fresh fruit and vegetable products distribution reached the National more than and 230 City, the largest contribution to the region mainly in Guangdong (accounting for 45%), Fujian, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces accounted for 40%, the rest of the region accounted for 15%.

it is worth noting that, in the speed of the sale of fresh micro mall, personal sales accounted for sales accounted for 40% of total store sales. The speed of fresh micro mall system provider there introduced to billion state power network, the speed of fresh sales in April this year issued a formal recruitment plan, currently has sales of nearly 9000, produced 3500 single orders.


it is reported that the EMS speed of the new salesman is selected from its WeChat fans, the speed will be done on the sales staff to do training in communication skills, while providing support in consultation, after-sales and other aspects. It is reported that the speed will be active in the sale of a fresh focus of a community, you can learn about their sales and product feedback in real time, improve their enthusiasm.

In addition to the

, in terms of incentives, the speed of the new attempt to diversify the incentive policy. In addition to the sales of fixed income, but also in accordance with different activities, different periods, different sales have different incentives.


(Figure: the speed of the personal incentive policy of the individual distributors)

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billion state power network to understand, EMS speed is EMS fresh on-line in 2014 fresh platform, relying on the postal service supply chain resources, direct purchase of agricultural products, provide fresh fruit, fresh products, from procurement to delivery by EMS, sales mainly business platform "ule in EMS under the flag". Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, tobacco >

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