Leveraging the opportunities and risks of traditional electricity supplier outsourcing enterprises

Leveraging the opportunities and risks of traditional electricity supplier outsourcing enterprises

rapid development of e-commerce in 2011, according to iResearch consulting statistics show that 2011Q3 China’s e-commerce market transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 47.6%, an increase of 9.1%. The Ministry of Commerce in "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "during the development of guidance" clearly pointed out that by 2015, China’s above scale enterprises e-commerce application ratio of more than 80%, retail sales network is equivalent to the total retail sales of social consumer goods more than 9%. Under the dual stimulation of market demand and the government, it is necessary for enterprises to develop e-commerce. However, this road is not easy for traditional enterprises.

in the traditional enterprise often faces more and more pressure on the electricity supplier: lack of awareness, lack of business experience; the right talent is hard to find, the high cost of human resources; electronic commerce is not short-term can be profitable, but the traditional enterprises often burn early desperately, eventually going nowhere. Facing many difficulties, the traditional enterprise fell dejected.

not only to "net" to improve the success rate, learn from the successful experience of the European market, the traditional enterprise electricity supplier leveraging outsourcing "reborn" has become the best shortcut. However, from the current development of the current situation of the electricity supplier outsourcing industry, this model is not zero risk, but the opportunity and risk coexist. The author from the following describes the traditional enterprise electricity supplier leveraging the opportunity and risk of outsourcing:

traditional enterprise electricity supplier leveraging Outsourcing: opportunities for

1, specialization. The traditional enterprise e-commerce platform for the management of the complex lack of experience, related to the establishment, operation, maintenance, marketing, warehousing, logistics, customer relations, and business outsourcing companies have a wealth of practical experience, the use of practical experience and expertise to help traditional enterprises. From the electricity supplier management, operation and other aspects of outsourcing companies have more professional advantages compared with traditional enterprises, and the traditional enterprise itself is a good complementary product services.

2, reduce costs. Traditional enterprise self built electronic business platform, the team, its human resources costs, hardware and software investment is quite amazing, often millions of annual salary but not recruit the right talent. At the same time due to lack of experience, often in network media and channel selection on tuition, but if there is a business outsourcing team together can greatly improve the efficiency, reduce operating costs, can help enterprises to survive in the early stage of traditional enterprises to carry out the business, rather than because of burning money burned down.

traditional enterprise electricity supplier leveraging outsourcing risk

despite the electricity supplier outsourcing model can really help enterprises solve the traditional development dilemma, but the model is not completely zero risk, traditional enterprises to enter the electricity market in the choice of still need to be cautious, do not blindly choose and trouble.

first, the electricity supplier outsourcing services difficult to assess the effect. Electricity supplier outsourcing is to provide services, there is no unified standard in this country, the service is difficult to quantify results. The service cycle is longer, if the two sides can not coordinate well, it may result in failure to cooperate. Choose the wrong may allow competition >

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