Taobao double 12 gameplay exposure to double than 11 also cheap

Taobao double 12 gameplay exposure to double than 11 also cheap


] November 18th news billion state power network, double 11 after the double 12 is coming. Alibaba has announced this year’s 12 double specific gameplay. The 1212 universal Festival, Taobao has added the number of settings, and from the external, internal and wireless three aspects for huge traffic, the play is also the pursuit of a more simple and practical.

continues the full range of horse racing

According to

billion state power network to understand, this year 12, a total of 153 PC end is arranged the venue, including 1 main venue, 22 venues, 130 industry venue. Comparison of 11 sets of the venue, the total field increased by 58, the industry sector increased by more than 2, the industry sub venue increased by more than 56, showing a strong intensity of two of the 12.

in the field of the two industry comparison, double the addition of the auction of 12, Juhuasuan, virtual venue, removed the game venue.

with the double 11, the main venue for the two double 12 sea view room, the main floor of the venue, the industry branch of the sea view room, the industry branch of the field floor and the floor of the industry sub floor floor of the 5 floors. Between the various venues in the implementation of the horse race mechanism, from low to high promotion.

According to the

standard billion state power network to understand, the warm-up period cut is the entire store and purchased, double 12 day promotion standard is the entire store transactions, as well as the total amount of consumption of 1212 coupons.

it is worth noting that, in the warm-up period, is the day of the horse race, in the double 12 day, then the hour for the unit horse.

promotional efforts more than 50 percent off

The main venue of the festival 1212 universal play

with the double 11, also in half off discounts, coupons and other aspects, but the overall gameplay tends to be more simple.

in the discount settings, Taobao requires more than 50%OFF. In addition to mobile phones, digital and jewelry off the field, Taobao requires sellers to sell goods 50 percent off, and less than the lowest price in 30 days.

In addition to

, followed by the annual shopping coupon strategy, 1212 coupons universal. It is reported that Taobao official distribution of 1212 red envelopes has been renamed as the "1212 shopping vouchers", the activities of the goods must be set to the amount of $5 or 5 times the amount of shopping vouchers.

wireless side: not only pay attention to

According to

billion state power network to understand, this year eleven, Ali mobile terminal turnover reached 24 billion 300 million, 4.54 times last year mobile transactions, accounted for 42.6% of the total turnover this year. The importance of wireless terminal is self-evident.

Taobao side said, in order to ensure the flow of conversion, wireless shop sellers must set the phone version of the details page. Sellers can be set according to the fixed template.

This year’s

1212 universal festival with particular emphasis on the wireless side play. Wireless terminal has a total of 10 industry field. Horse racing rules are also different from the PC side, the warm-up period every 4 hours a horse race, the official >

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