Love to win a new boom boom boom environment must use speed and efficiency to win the value war

Love to win a new boom boom boom environment must use speed and efficiency to win the value war

love of fresh bee: O2O community business platform, through the line of community convenience stores, fresh snacks, braised meat, dairy products, seafood, fresh food, drink coffee and life necessities 1 hours to flash. May 2014 on-line, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other 16 cities nationwide distribution services, the amount of users reached about 10000000. Love fresh bee in the establishment of a year to complete the $70 million C round of financing, investors include Hillhouse capital, venture capital, tripod sky map capital and Sequoia Capital, C round of financing after the launch of the "love of fresh bee bee storm", the arrival time from 60 minutes up to 30 minutes, allowing users to enjoy real flash delivery service.

focus on the high growth and innovative entrepreneurial Association annual meeting, this year will be the theme of looking for the next unicorn, and launched seventh consecutive years, China’s annual growth of the top companies in innovation list. O2O community electricity supplier love fresh bee with its innovative business model and the high growth of Chinese style, the success of the finalists list, to enter the ranks of quasi Unicorn enterprise.


love bee founder, CEO Zhang win live sharing

love bee founder, CEO Zhang won the 2015 entrepreneurs in the future leaders of the summit of the share of the record:

use value and differentiation to win the blowout entrepreneurial competitive environment

is currently the leader of fresh bee love O2O community in the industry, with the country about more than 10 thousand community convenience stores, fast love fresh bee label, we established only 19 months, the development speed is very fast, the city is also expanding rapidly, send quickly. However, the fast behind our eating a hoe to do a lot of slow living.

love has two selling category of fresh bee platform, a fruit, a yogurt, so many people mistakenly put us into fresh, fresh category the biggest challenge is to control the cost. Liu Qiangdong has said, love the pattern of fresh bees cut through 30 minutes to meet the needs of the public for fresh products, fast delivery through the warehouse, which is innovative. "But the fresh O2O is the biggest challenge of price loss, fresh after the processing of agricultural products, especially the cold chain in the process of circulation, if not well controlled cost, raise the price may not live.

today is the entrepreneur’s annual meeting, so many entrepreneurs are together, I believe we have such a feeling, the competitive environment is not particularly good, once a company started a new field, as long as the support of capital, there will be a lot of homogeneous company influx this piece of the market very quickly from the blue ocean into the Red Sea, that you face is the value of war. Only the value of war ahead of other people, to live out, which forced the fresh O2O from Marathon to 100 meter race, would require a lot of time to sort out the cost of fresh circulation, improve efficiency, cost control process, and now ask you in the fierce competitive environment faster and more efficiently, you only.

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