The reasons for the failure of micro business

The reasons for the failure of micro business

this year the Internet there is a relatively low threshold of the business model of "derivative" through the circle of friends to sell products, when people see someone doing this in the circle of friends, there are a lot of ideas on the Internet, more people are looking at the micro companies are doing, then with someone else to products to do together, to send advertising through the circle of friends, friends are the final you deleted, and I could not see the profits, then this reason in the end where


below we specifically analyze

error 1: product quality

I believe that

get better only excellent products in the market, but a lot of derivative products is the lack of the quality problem, if it is only a short-lived business, or you do not know how the quality of products do you recommend to your friends? Where the courage to do /p>

error 2: sales method

from the micro business up, the Internet has emerged a new training circle, what is it? WeChat marketing, a lot of people do not sell derivative products successfully, can’t find a way to start the blind to find, see Introduction to the training is so awesome, how many students earn much money, the temptation to he could not resist, eventually he will go to join the training, after adding useful? Has, because you can get some software to use, because a lot of training which is actually give you some people or how to add software or methods. Finally, with strangers and turnover has become a big problem, and ultimately did not sell

error 3: blind promotion

when a lot of people to join the micro business, started in the circle of friends to send advertisements every day, send pictures, in others the documents in their collection of screenshots and more confusing, a lot of people, even your friends will ask you how you can earn so much money, this is perhaps the? You have to borrow money from him yesterday, now you have a monthly income of over a million? May? Your friends do not believe a stranger will believe? So blind promotion is wrong

so people see more than three think you do not pull? Micro business in the end how to do?

below describes how I do

1: product quality survey

I saw you in this product, he told me he is a top agent, my agent is the second generation, I will address, I want to go to the company to see, the fare ticket is not much money, such as the project you really want to start to do, then you are not willing to several hundred dollars to travel company see? Don’t tell me you can’t go into the company, if you really want to do, you can’t go to the company with the higher he also tell you what is the top


2: sales method change

I do pick up warm brown sugar flavor garden and Phnom Penh rose these two products that have never been on people to buy my product say how my product, and so on related things, I always send some about this product for your good.