Kung Fu Fuwa dolls paddy strong

Kung Fu Fuwa dolls paddy strong

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from "Kung Fu" to "Fuwa" to see cultural self-confidence

according to reports, the day before the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee confirmed that since last November released the once controversial 2008 Olympic mascots "Fuwa" international translation of "Friendlies", has been officially changed in the last week, the new English translation pinyin "Fuwa" was officially opened. (October 16th "Beijing Yuyuexinbao")

at the beginning of 1970s, with the name of Bruce Lee, Chinese kung fu movie swept the world, the emergence of a new word – "Kungfu" English word used to refer to the source, "Kung Fu Chinese". From the "Kung Fu" to "Fuwa" over 30 years, the situation of these two words with deep cultural connotations, revealing our progress in cultural self-confidence.

The English translation of

‘s "Kung Fu" comes from the selective absorption of Chinese culture by foreigners, and the translation of "Fuwa" is originated from the Chinese people’s initiative to transmit the local culture to the world. This subtle difference reflects a progressive trend from "chosen" to "active".

in the long run, we still continue to grow for the country and the nation, with the increasing in the international political and economic status, more and more powerful cultural self-confidence will gradually formed, and to clear the historical sense of cultural inferiority. How to create a healthy, confident cultural psychology, will be our future to be solved. In this process, a little bit of progress is worthy of our hearts, it is worthy of our collection as a permanent memory and push forward

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