Rural electricity supplier with the wind rural credit also began to go to the countryside

Rural electricity supplier with the wind rural credit also began to go to the countryside

Abstract: due to the credit foundation is weak, the collection, collation, approval, query evaluation, rural credit information is difficult, involving the rural credit share mode, farmers privacy protection, data security, agricultural credit and information exchange, in line with the reality of rural credit products and services and other infrastructure work is deficient. This led to a lack of credit, dishonesty disciplinary mechanism is not perfect, the gap between urban and rural credit system construction is obvious and a series of problems.



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farmer’s loan has been plagued by the direction of the rural market-oriented, and the development of agriculture has formed a serious obstacle. On the issue of "agriculture, countryside and farmers", the existence of a large number of loan demand has become a latent demand of great potential, so there are many forms of credit in rural areas.

rural loan guarantee form is relatively single

The current

, the rural loan guarantee form based on a single comparison, such as the "Five Guarantees" in the provisions of the People’s Republic of China law, some banking financial institutions in rural areas only offer guaranteed loans, mortgage loans and mortgage loans three, lien and deposit guarantees are not open, relatively simple and traditional way of security.

in this case, based on the demand of rural loans, spawned a lot of security, more representative of the farmers UNPROFOR, headed guarantee way. For example, in some rural areas of Inner Mongolia, there is a "five UNPROFOR", is now the "two UNPROFOR" approach. For example, some of the Togtoh County of Inner Mongolia city of Hohhot village, is now popular "two UNPROFOR" approach, the specific approach is this: farmers want loans, rural credit cooperatives requires it to find a relatively good credit guarantee, when the lender is not on the loan, the guarantor must bear the corresponding security responsibility.

Togtoh county "two UNPROFOR" interest rate is 0.7%/ months, the annual interest rate is 8.4%. Still relatively high. "Two UNPROFOR" repayment period is one year, each quarter to receive a maturity interest. The amount of loans from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of pieces ranging from some good reputation, also can borrow ten. This kind of loan basically covers all the people in the countryside, and basically all farmers have had the experience of loans. But for that kind of gambling, idle layabout, basically difficult to borrow money; some people or some rural business projects, went bankrupt, it is difficult to borrow money, especially the people in the rural poor reputation, will not be covered basically "two UNPROFOR" policy.

in particular, "two UNPROFOR" guarantor, generally concentrated in a stable occupation of the crowd, such as a stable job in the city teachers, persons, or select some though living in rural areas, but a good income for credit quality good people. But based on