Guangzhou 1 billion 400 million play electricity supplier the concept of the concept of low frequenc

Guangzhou 1 billion 400 million play electricity supplier the concept of the concept of low frequenc

electricity supplier project just approved down, has not yet formally established, is currently preparing." August 14th, Guangzhou Iron and steel group electricity supplier preparatory group insiders on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said.

July 31st, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced that the Board considered and adopted the motion on the Guangzhou Automobile Group’s Internet ecosystem project, agreed to the implementation of the GAC automotive Internet Ecosystem project.

to do business projects, Guangzhou Automobile Group from its subordinate joint venture company deployed a bunch of experience in marketing management, electricity suppliers to enter the preparatory group, responsible for the future of the electricity supplier company. Requirements are not only to understand the automotive marketing and market service chain, but also to understand the internet.

Guangzhou is not the first to do the electricity supplier car prices, but its general manager Ceng Qinghong think very clearly, but the electronic commerce with other commodities represent the general trend, the car is not the same, for services, should be online and offline together.

business project as early as last year has been in the Guangzhou internal proposed, but the whole development of pure electricity supplier is not ideal, such as SAIC car sharing network, launched a lively, lay in the market, resulting in Guangzhou to promote the process more cautious. GAC consider is how to find a sustainable development path for the electricity supplier projects.

not only sell the car

SAIC electronic business platform to enjoy the car network, in March 28th last year, has been on the line, is a representative of the automotive group O2O electronic business platform. SAIC to enjoy the positioning of the network is to serve as a bridge to open up the online and offline, relying on products and services to provide customers with full life cycle services. But in fact, the car to enjoy the network over the past year and a half to test the water, and did not get the approval of the car circle.

car to enjoy the official website of the official release of a sales data, is the first half of the year after the establishment of the results, announced the sale of 1800 cars. But the last year or so, the car to enjoy the network sales and models have not been optimistic about the market.

is precisely because others do well, Guangzhou electric business platform to do, there are a lot of people questioned why do a seemingly impossible to open the market business." The preparatory group said. In fact, the Guangzhou Automobile Group executives have reached a consensus, the electricity supplier is the future trend, but need to find a solution to the contradiction between the current body model.

business is generally considered a burn industry, little investment is difficult to detonate. On the car to enjoy the net investment of only 200 million yuan, equivalent to a small Internet Co valuation. But the car is a big commodity, even a regional dealer, investment may be hundreds of billions of dollars, which is considered SAIC is not determined to do an important basis for electricity providers.

Guangzhou Automobile Group to play more thoroughly than saic. According to the announcement released in July 31st, Guangzhou electric business platform will invest 1 billion 400 million yuan, SAIC is 7 times. Guangzhou noticed that business platform pre burn to get traffic, may face a temporary shortage, pre planning funds more favorable than the late "toothpaste" >