Micro purchase Tencent officially settled WeChat cloud platform

Micro purchase Tencent officially settled WeChat cloud platform

April 9, 2014, Tencent WeChat cloud platform official announcement: Wang WeChat micro purchase shopping platform Guangzhou rway Mdt InfoTech Ltd research and development (http://s.www.wgw.cn) officially arrived WeChat cloud Tencent (http://s.weixin.qcloud.com/).

WeChat cloud

Tencent as a Tencent official development public, one-stop service platform, WeChat public platform service providers hosting platform security, high efficiency and high quality, relying on Tencent of cloud security services, security information and data security of WeChat WeChat cloud is committed to public accounts, public accounts of the security use of WeChat users privacy property.



micro purchase Tencent as the official partner of WeChat cloud platform, micro purchase of the king will provide a mature mobile provider of business as a whole solution, quickly build a mall platform to achieve rapid online mall. To provide customers with an enterprise mobile e-commerce platform to help customers quickly open the e-commerce market.


micro purchase Wang Guangzhou Rui Wei Mdt InfoTech Ltd’s WeChat mall, as a social mobile business service platform, rway technology has been designed to help in the field of mobile Internet research and development, is the field of mobile Internet applications leader.

micro purchase Wang is a rapid, visual mobile business service platform, to complete the WeChat store up in a few minutes, quickly have their own WeChat mall, one-stop shopping service, direct online payment, go to where to go. At the same time, Zhang Le Wang also provides micro purchase coupons, turntable, scratch cards, smashing eggs and other online sweepstakes, effectively attract a large number of consumers.

can help customers to purchase micro King products to WeChat, WeChat 600 million enjoy social dividend, to create the perfect main channel of mobile Internet e-commerce hitherto unknown, easily put goods and services into the user’s mobile phone.

micro shopping platform relying on WeChat’s huge user base, allowing customers to quickly have a low investment, high return WeChat mall platform, allowing customers to easily enter the era of mobile Internet e-commerce.