15 simple and effective website promotion method

15 simple and effective website promotion method

1, search engine promotion





2, network advertisement:

pop-up ads

ad exchange

3, link exchange, exchange of text and pictures connection connection and the striking position.

4, spam.

6, signature of advertising, published articles, forum immediately after signing your web site, or use hyperlinks to sign their own websites and keywords.

9, Forum irrigation, forum message, publish their own information in the forum or message board

11, the landing site of industry site and professional directory.

12, the propaganda! Mentioned web site or in the form of network marketing success stories are introduced in the article Chinese! Network marketing planning first person Mr. Wang Tong repeatedly referred to in article hao123 of home and mobile phone, so that the majority of Internet users have a new understanding of the 2 sites.

14, the signs in the light box advertising, corporate image and display their strength at the same time, the website also played a certain role in the network become an independent school in Zhengzhou province.

15, name card promotion.