How to make electronic business platform to maximize the effectiveness of online activities

How to make electronic business platform to maximize the effectiveness of online activities

for the operation of a website, the user is a very important job. And to retain the user in addition to their own quality of the site to be high, the organization is also a key part of the campaign, especially for the electricity supplier platform, the daily operation of the organization can not do without. Timely and appropriate activities can effectively enhance the user’s activity, enhance the viscosity of the site, improve the conversion rate of the site, etc.. Since we know that the activities of the electronic business platform is so important, then we organize activities at the time how to maximize the effectiveness of our activities?.

1: activities should be integrated into the emotional and corporate culture

is a kind of emotional animal, for those who have emotional things or things are often impressed. If we give our emotional activities, not only to enhance the enthusiasm of users to participate in activities, but more importantly, so that users are more impressed with us, bring long-term benefits. For example, for example if you have a digital camera sales business platform, we can in the Spring Festival family reunion held during a network photography contest, let users upload their most love the family portrait photo, then vote, obviously than the scenery photography contest held to mobilize the enthusiasm of users, because this activity is not only the occasion, but also into the family emotion. Many businesses in the event of gifts are often limited to, shopping volume, discount volume, and some concessions, and even no physical, it is difficult for us to have a deep impression on us. If we give a gift is some printed with the enterprise information U disk, poker and so on small things, often the effect will be very different. In this regard, we organize some activities, we must remember that the feelings and corporate culture into our activities.

two: by hot events, holiday hot fry

when we organize an online activity, we are most worried about the situation is not the user’s enthusiasm is not high, not involved. In addition to raising the issue of this announcement, if we can very well by the hot events or holiday hot speculation, it will tend to get twice the result with half the effort. For example, the above mentioned network held photography contest during the Spring Festival, a lot of users during the Spring Festival holiday and leisure time, the smell is strong, the user participation enthusiasm naturally increased. As for the hot events, even more, there are different news every day, like the stage before the North haze, we can borrow from the care of a netizen event held a "health protection" activities, do not give what the valuable gift, as long as we come up with a few with enterprise information masks for their participation of users, that can enhance the activity of users, also can let users in the invisible media for enterprise

three: make activity a natural activity

could you and I still do not know how this one day holiday in the business a few years ago, with the >