The years of valuable domain lost due not to renew who bear

The years of valuable domain lost due not to renew who bear

have a few CN domain name, and the five consecutive year to pay management fees, ready to wait for the right price to sell, but entrusted to an agency to help renew and signed agency contract, paid the money soon after they have registered the domain name has been registered by others. Recently, the original domain name, Mr. Cui repeatedly negotiated with the agency fruitless, the company intends to appeal to the court, to seek their own justice.


to get lost

, who lives in Jiangning, Mr. Choi is very interested in the domain name Chinese, that its huge potential commercial value, in 2003 in a certified registered agent company registered "Xinjiekou", "Yuhua tea", "Asian Games", "funeral" and four CN domain, and continued to collect fees on time. After a few years waiting for the appreciation of his shot. According to Cui introduction, CN domain name registration is open, anyone in the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) registration agency certification can be able to register domain name, as long as it does not conflict with others and pay a management fee.

due to their usual busy work, sometimes can not remember to pay management fees. So Mr. Cui want to find an agent to help the agent to renew. Mr. Cui and Nanjing science and technology limited company signed a contract agent in November 28, 2008, Chinese million online for the agent in the "Xinjiekou", "Yuhua tea", "Asian Games", "funeral" four domain renewal matters. Mr. Cui made a renewal and agency cost in December 3rd last year, a total of 1280 yuan.

Cui told reporters, after the Spring Festival this year, he found that his four domain name registered in three was registered by other companies. Contact with the technology company, but there is no clear statement. In February 13th this year, he put forward his own solution: hope that the company will repurchase three domain names back to their own, but has not received a response. According to Mr. Cui introduced his original five domain names, one of which is called wedding domain name, but also registered in 2003, the recent sale of $7000 to others. The other four domain names because there is no suitable price, has not been willing to hand. Reporters at the Chinese Internet Network Information Center website to "Xinjiekou", "Yuhua tea", "Asian Games" three Chinese domain has respectively registered, the date of registration for the January 22, 2009 Xinjiekou ", the other two registration date for January 25, 2009. It seems that the good domain is the meat and potatoes, really worth a lot of money.

is not timely renewal who should bear responsibility for

Cui told reporters on the situation in the case of its commissioned by the director of the science and Technology Co., ltd.. Mr. Huang admitted that the company signed a contract with mr.. According to Mr. Wong, Mr. Cui’s four domain names should expire in December 3, 2008. Because Mr. Cui is registered in other companies, so that there is a "transfer" process, and must be in the domain name registration before the expiration of three months after the expiration of renewals, cannot direct renewals. Because time >