How to improve the competitiveness of enterprise network marketing

How to improve the competitiveness of enterprise network marketing

enterprise is the most important market, and marketing is the most important information dissemination and exchange. Along with the development of Internet technology and mature low-cost networking, network marketing advantages, highlighting the super efficient, integrated, more and more enterprises pay attention to the network marketing. Although many companies also asked SEOer to do a number of aspects of the work of the auction, but the accuracy of the flow of the enterprise is not enough, a lot of time and energy are wasted on unrelated traffic, do some useless. Because in order to help enterprises to accurately grasp the flow of the site, I would like to talk about how to accurately grasp the depth of flow, do business network marketing.

1: attention to the high conversion of keywords

a lot of keywords, for enterprises in the bidding is no exception. But we need to take? No, because most enterprise customers precision is not enough, so that enterprises pay for the efficiency is not high, poor effect. Key words, but there are always some high conversion keywords, firmly grasp the key words, can win more customers.

for the enterprise (he is selling a product or service), is the keyword high conversion is probably associated with the price, brand (these words must be clear, persuasive and attractive, get good rankings) such as what price, what brand, what discount and so on, these keywords visitors conversion rate are high. Because when the customer asked the price, brand, he is interested in your product.

two: SEO as the main way of

we want to adopt what method, to see what the specific situation. These conditions can be roughly divided into two. When the amount is too large, click on the cost is too much of the keywords, to SEO based, especially for the key words of the competitive brand. When the flow of high cost, high conversion rate, but the key is not high, can reduce the bid keywords in bidding right sidebar. Of course, can be SEO optimization of the main keywords better. For example, talk about the main keywords SEO optimization. For example, you do X products, and you have a SIEMENS brand competition product, and when you see the SIEMENS brand click rate is very high, you will want the customer to understand their products or services. How to do this to achieve this in the way of SEO, because it can reduce the cost of high – cost, low conversion risk. Also, it is not difficult to optimize keywords with SEO.

three: a variety of ways to cooperate with each other

enterprise traffic get have a lot of methods, such as the main keywords, long tail keywords, Baidu Post Bar, blog groupware etc.. So many methods, if not orderly use, certainly can not bring the desired results. So we need to cooperate with these methods. The main keywords and long tail keywords can bring precise flow for the enterprise, but they also have some disadvantages, such as long tail keywords is often all a hideous mess distribution, long sentences, competitiveness is not strong. So then we need to know in Baidu,