We do a shirt spent a year can stage a comeback

We do a shirt spent a year can stage a comeback

Original title:

a shirt can make every guest

stage a comeback

Abstract: "we understand" can make a shirt "this sentence, it took three months to do it; a shirt, a shirt is difficult to do, for a longer time." Chen said.


Where the customer today before the

new conference, the network has been filled with every guest to write write founder old manuscript, this makes me very surprised, where the customer is no big action, how suddenly fire?! until the afternoon listening to old speech, I was touched by the feeling, the main two words: drama.

2 in the afternoon, the 798 conference site, outside the great white where the billboard reads "a shirt". A shirt what to say? Can Lei release a mobile phone television and not to mind taking the trouble to explain? Shirt single product price is also cheaper, more good, sell more, seem to sell smart hardware to make money.

with this doubt, I walked into the venue. Huang Xiaoming and Li Yuchun’s advertising video aired, the old took to the stage, wearing a black T-shirt, dark jeans, this looks very familiar? From the contents of the conference to form his speech outfits, a look that is to study, Lei Jun salute.

Chen bluntly, the first time in such a big scene of speech was nervous. But he said, "the company should engage in the conference, I said, determined not to let the catwalk shows, determined not to let the star join, determined not to let the teacher in cang."

then, aged about eloquence of his journey since June of last year, state speech is also getting better. I listen to the guest, while memories of the company was brilliant, while searching for her to buy clothes in every guest and received the happy clothes. Two years ago, he was on the phone the first old night, finally at one o’clock in the morning to interview him, listen to his childhood with his grandmother and mother alienation. Today is the first time he saw the podium, or the old sincere humility.

aged from June last year, and a large wine Lei speaking, this year also newspapers. He said, listen to the Lei for where customers not only fine persuasion, he was angry, "you Lei Niubi, not to engage in a millet, we are 50, 6 billion yuan of the company, I was a man’s size." (this section I also listen to friends before the evaluation, where nearly two years of decline with age indeed expansion).

after that, Lei Jun to customer company, then we are preparing for the new autumn and winter 2013. A variety of products placed in a queue. "He looked directly at the product on the hanger and didn’t look at PTT. He said that the feeling is not coming to the store, but came to the department store market." Old memories, then we have the 190 thousand highest category, more than and 50 channels.

Lei Jun expressed concern: (so much) you get >