Depth 2014 Taobao captain Tmall strategic upgrade interpretation

Depth 2014 Taobao captain Tmall strategic upgrade interpretation

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in the Jingdong and electricity supplier has announced the launch of Tmall China after the listing, the largest B2C e-commerce website finally unveiled its 2014 annual strategy of the tip of the iceberg in 2014 has been 1/3, this is called "the year" the biggest change in the history of Tmall point, take a glimpse of the curiosity, again be excited: next, will see what kind of a Tmall

?If the

Ali’s huge major e-commerce sites to a Marvel Universe Avengers alliance, Tmall is the "Captain America" in which the role played in the development of Taobao undoubtedly, tends to be stable after Tmall turned out, the new pattern of the new e-commerce business Alibaba into the fast lane. At that time, the era of dominance in Alibaba C2C, Tmall, the captain of the United States is to allow Ali to continue to lead the industry in the era of B2C.

movies like the Avengers programme, in which each player can be derived independently of the film, Ali’s Tmall, Taobao, Alipay, the balance of treasure, Ali financial and so on are general can take charge as chief of the. The balance of treasure like the Avengers, iron man, born is rich handsome, did not experience the hard work stage from scratch, the way a lot of success than others; as the aegis board, the largest body can give the hero to provide nanny services, hatching a can help Ali war hero.

today we are talking about the electricity supplier sector – Captain America – Tmall’s strategic transformation and upgrading. In 2013 35 billion day turnover of the shock is still, today, Tmall scenery in the calendar year double 11 after the storm – arguably more marked Chinese B2C market leader, first-line brand strong adsorption capacity, to actively explore the fusion line (Yin Tai), the thousand faces of customization and guide. But only double 11 is not enough, both to explore the development trend in the reconstruction of the change rapidly, the new field of experience, dig deep and creation is the eternal theme of the first. "This is probably the best of times, it must be the worst of times", restrict Tmall development in addition to behind the wolves in the chase outside the business look at fiercely as a tiger does Tmall itself, it must optimize internal and self revolution, for a new engine.

in the next three years, I think there are three things that Tmall attaches importance to, must do a good job: the layout of the global strategy, user migration to the mobile terminal, upgrade the membership system. Exactly, in April 15th the same day, Tmall strategic conference also made reference.

global strategic layout

globalization is quite capable of enhancing a word IT enterprise forced, Lenovo, HUAWEI and other companies are shouting such words, and have some action in the wave of globalization, HUAWEI income in foreign countries has already exceeded.

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