Windows father of China to discuss the domain name embarrassing

Windows father of China to discuss the domain name embarrassing

      "twists and turns, after suffering." Yesterday morning at 2, after the successful transfer of his international domain name, Huang ho on the first Financial Daily reporters to describe his feelings. So let Huang Ho said that in order to transfer an international domain name, the domain registrar and he has played in nearly a month of "tug of war".

engaged in the domain name of Huang He is a freshman in Shanghai, a university student, from junior high school began to do the domain name investment. This group of domain name investors known as "corn worm", they may have to register the value of the Internet domain name, and then look for a domain name wait for the right price to sell, buyers bought it at a high price, "corn worm" cash withdrawal.

wants to make friends with Windows’s father


in February 2nd this year, Microsoft Corp announced the retirement of its platform and services division president Jim Allchin. Jim Allchin is known as Microsoft’s No. third, the father of Windows, enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Huang he saw this news immediately after the registration of the Jim Allchin name spelling international domain name

One month after

, Jim Allchin by registering a domain name left E-mail linked to Huang He, hoping to get their own domain name spelling.

Jim said in the message, and he is doing some software and music related personal items from Microsoft after retirement, because childhood love of the guitar, so after retirement they set up a recording studio to record some clips through his final work at Microsoft Vista, presided over the development of. Jim already has a domain name, said he plans to use as their own personal website, put some personal information on the above, including the recording of his own guitar guitar.

Huang is an Internet enthusiast, want to make friends with the father of Microsoft Windows, replied that the domain name is willing to give free Jim Allchin. Can be transferred in the domain name transfer but they can not imagine the trouble.

a month of twists and turns

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the domain name transfer transfer required to provide a series of paper documents, such as identity documents and transfer contracts. Huang ho quickly in accordance with the provisions of the domain name registrar to express the relevant documents.


service providers out of the application of international domain name book wrote, "after verifying correct, we will immediately change the DNS server for your information, will take effect in 3~5 days after."

but after 3 to 5 working days did not get results. And after nearly a month’s time, Huang He made a total of three times to the Registrar of documents

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