Teach you what is the real Taobao brush

Teach you what is the real Taobao brush

because most of the young people in the University, so Christmas Eve when apple is very hot, the day the school business also earned a grand slam. An average purchase price 2 dollars Apple sold six pieces of seven dollars, so high profits are also attracted to me, after I told a few people inside the team I had a talk, also joined the tide of selling apples.


is selling apples, nothing more than to sales and profits, then how to today the title of the article: Taobao brush single pull to go together? Tell me what you please listen to me carefully step by step to.

first step: first we go to the local fruit wholesale market bargain with the boss wholesale 20 boxes of apples, and then again to the side of the paper products wholesale wholesale almost six hundred apple boxes, after we returned to the school to pick out all the apples to is divided into three levels according to the different boxes different grades of apples away, the day we are going to be dead.

the second step: ready for a Taobao shop (shop consumer protection, decoration are good, perfect) in Taobao store on three pieces of goods, is the three different levels of apple: a (super green fruit) price is 10 yuan, the inside of the big red apple, packaging fine, for teachers, elders. B (happy fruit) price is 8 yuan, which will sell is the best, although there is no super green fruit so much so red, but the appearance is more beautiful, the packaging is also decent, is sent to distant relatives and friends of the couple. C level (love Ping fruit) priced at 6 yuan, compared with the previous two kinds of more common point, the packaging is just ordinary packaging, suitable for the general relationship between friends and students.

third step: ready for a table, and a pen and paper, and a computer, and then to the campus where a person began to flow the biggest table up to several different apple samples put up and began shouting.

on call advertising content is: want to distant friends to send a Christmas Eve blessing? To long-distance relationship he (she) a love stick? I want to give you the most respected elders send a greeting? XX team family discount, the national post, the lowest six yuan can be delivered to you the most sincere wishes! Whether he (she) where, as long as you want to have a word with him (her), a team willing to be your most loyal

postman!The fourth step:

is the most important step, when students come to ask, we will take a pen and paper to write her some words for people to send, and select the corresponding apple from Taobao above a single payment, the entire process is so simple, not what the next complex. For the final result of

!We use

on Christmas Eve day turnover of nearly five hundred single, which represents Taobao above more than and 500 reputation, as in terms of cost, because we have a good contact before the courier company, a courier cost about four yuan, down an average of Apple >

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