Grassroots consciousness how do operate micro business to permanent

Grassroots consciousness how do operate micro business to permanent

WeChat electricity supplier’s reputation and status can be said to be growing, can not be compared with the usual, with the continuous improvement of the WeChat platform system, has formed a more comprehensive mobile retail platform. Micro business in the outside world, many aspects of it have been thrown into the eyes of admiration and praise, the potential for the development of some micro business is not visible in general, into the micro business has become accustomed to things. These and the derivative reduces the entry threshold, but did not remove the derivative business standard, overall reputation derivative upward trend, but the micro business circle in the sense of service has not kept pace, in the course of time, it exposed too many problems. Some people in the micro business has not tasted the sweetness of little, it was very slow to get the first pot of gold, the derivative of the road change constantly, imperceptibly, reminiscent of the micro business to continue operations, must find a proper foothold.

micro business scope of the business to adapt to future development requirements. This is a very critical point, if WeChat electricity supplier engaged in the industry there is no way to find a breakthrough in the market, will not be able to continue, then it can be said is the direction of the operation failure is relatively easy to reverse, the consequences of the failure of the strategy is the derivative of psychological unbearable. Some micro business experienced a failure after this is Yidiebuzhen, derivative cause difficult to continue, the direction of possession of a certain reason, the importance of mentality is related to the overall situation. Sometimes things speed not too fast, the direction is very important, how to find the range of micro business is to adapt to the future development, there exist too many directions, right, wrong, there is a right turn, diameter, so it is easy to confuse, and prone to view the wrong direction, how to improve their sense of direction, or from the root of sake, starting from the actual environment. Some people in the early period of micro entrepreneurs is very successful, but then can not, this is not to meet the requirements of the future development of, be a moment, only to constantly adjust will have new.

adhere to the bottom line of micro business, grasp the scale of management. Micro business foothold lies in honesty and friendship marketing marketing, this is the micro business process advantages, a lot of people just into the moral "mud" in this regard, the bottom line does not speak in the process of the business, to maximize the fundamental survival as business profits, but Cleverness may overreach itself., who are don’t want to be a fool, consumers have suffered will never come back to buy this book. This can be seen is the derivative of single negative "smart", is not the ultimate rationalization, this is a one-time sale, there is no repeat at all, this is not taking micro standpoint, this is standing instability, stand firm. Micro business line in the end is what? In fact, micro business is in service to consumers, the rationalization of the only commodity profits, maximize the value of goods, or the principle of small profits, consider the long-term operation of the road. There is a degree of operation, the scale is not a standard, how to grasp this is the fundamental survival.

micro business to adhere to the fine road based, supplemented by amplification. The first step in many micro business is to expand

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