A5 Taobao EXCEL Taobao guest generator high profile release

A5 Taobao EXCEL Taobao guest generator high profile release

to write this post, my heart has been coming out a word: there are policies on the countermeasures.

today A5 Taobao -EXCEL Taobao guest generator – a high-profile release, to help my dear A5 Taobao customers prepare for dual 11.

if you are excited, be sure to reply in the following shows that everyone excited mood….

generate "immediately buy" link Demo: http://s.go.admin5.net/11/99.html (page add two hops, extended jump time)



software download address: http://s.www.admin5.net/thread-15099958-1-1.html

note: remember to apply for business promotion plan before the High Commission (

*^__^*) oh

A5 Taobao high commission merchant program application software: http://s.www.admin5.net/thread-13979987-1-1.html

A5 Taobao -EXCEL Taobao guest generator using

1, open the software, landing Ali mother account, the use of authentication landing".


2, Ali mother page version of the http://s.www.alimama.com/, just choose a product link,

such as "http://s.detail.tmall.com/item.htm? Id=40810748538"


3, click on the immediate promotion, the promotion of the type of choice to promote the site, if you want to distinguish between the next channel, you can re set the promotion bit.

(we recommend that the use of the site to promote such a file generated after the upload to the site, the jump, you can avoid violations. If you use other channels, do not be afraid of the Pro Pro it. Suggest that you buy a domain name, cheap foreign virtual space, add up to about 50 dollars.



then promote code


this section of the code behind the mm_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX, copy the contents of the


4, the "mm_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX" to fill in the software, click on the start collection can be


5, when the software prompt "save the text", click on the software to save the table >

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