Crack education products into e commerce four puzzles

Crack education products into e commerce four puzzles


Ma had say "do not now electronic business five years later you will regret", estimated that many people still skeptical. But after more than 3 years of rapid development, no one is not hidden by the enormous wealth of e-commerce are overwhelmed, small nail clippers, big furniture, in all aspects of the basic necessities of life can be found in many Internet sellers. "Live and learn", a variety of educational products to people’s work and life also became the focus of e-commerce, is different from other industries, educational products factory buildings, and a multitude of names, Dangdang, Amazon and other big sellers have to seize the initiative, small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to


first to properly positioning. The ancient war stress all seek first, before making any decisions, if just like others of big mall, not only to its own characteristics, from the existing market in talent shows itself, but also need high cost and strong team to operate, many enterprises obviously do not have these. The same educational products as the business direction of today’s network of excellence chose a unique way of professional + hot ", worthy of reference. The so-called professional, of course is the focus on the educational products, do China largest educational B2C platform; the so-called hot spots, is based on the 28 principles, people demand for larger, and the textbook of relatively rich areas, such as early childhood, speech eloquence, business management, English training, etc.. Such a position, although it will lose some of the other educational needs of buyers, but also to avoid a wider range of competition, good for the enterprise to do fine, fast to win the market.

next to grasp the product. Although e-commerce is also the business, but are endowed with the characteristics of informationization, the network is being touted books sell well, still unknown to the public the book sells well? I want to know who. So, in the choice of product ready for sale, not only depends on the quality of products, but also make good use of public opinion and hot outside, as an educational products you exclusive attention from the whole society, you don’t want to be rich is difficult. As a simple example, if there are two English books, a book is a collection of Clinton’s speech, a book is a collection of Obama’s speech, which one would you choose this? Of course Obama, Clinton has been OUT. At the same time, hot products in SEO and other details on the effect will be better.

again is to control the price. In many people’s minds, referred to e-commerce, will think of cheap. This is long before the formation of people thinking, we do business, not so much time and effort to reverse the opinions of others, only to adapt to this trend. The price of a commodity depends on his cost, the number and the degree of scarcity, whether it is today’s network of excellence or other businesses, to become buyers recognized wealth winner, will follow this unspoken rule: we have to sell my products, cheaper; only the products I sell, I earn more than you; the prices are similar, I have faster! To achieve this goal requires operators in negotiations with upstream supply enterprises, not.

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