58 city and Alipay depth cooperation to achieve satisfaction with the re payment

58 city and Alipay depth cooperation to achieve satisfaction with the re payment

May 8, 2013, Alipay reached a strategic cooperation with 58 city well-known life service platform. 58 city introduced Alipay online secured transactions, user access to such services on the platform can be done "to pay satisfaction". It is reported that the service will take the lead in the second line of the channel, and will gradually introduce 58 other types of city channel.

data show that 58 city monthly independent users about 150 million. With the increasing complexity of the use of the Internet environment, false information and payment security issues have begun to bother users. In order to effectively improve the user experience, following last year’s first in the industry to launch consumer protection service, the 58 city teamed up with Alipay, launched a secured transaction service for the user. This is an important step in 58 cities to promote consumer protection services in the direction of payment and settlement.

it is understood that the transactions through the service, Alipay will help users keep payment, and notify the seller delivery receipt confirmation, user satisfaction, Alipay will automatically "thaw" trading capital, hit the money to the seller. If the users of goods and services are not satisfied, you can apply for refunds, the transaction amount will be returned to the user from Alipay. In addition, if the seller does not fulfill the promise, the buyer can initiate rights protection rights, 58 city will quickly start rights mechanism, the first time to help users deal with disputes.

Alipay has become synonymous with the integrity of the network. This time with the 58 city cooperation, it is the first time to set up a separate development team in the Department of Ali, and for the characteristics of life service platform, customized payment security services.

The introduction of Alipay

transaction security, 58 city website users to complete the payment process through the "guarantee" mode, will greatly save time and communication costs, reduce transaction disputes, more effectively protect the financial security of users.

58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said that the introduction of Alipay security transaction mode, plagued the secondary online trading trust problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. This consumer protection service system, will significantly improve the rate of disputes on the secondary transaction platform.

senior analyst Ari Wang Weidong said that the city of 58 second-hand cars, second-hand housing commodities such as second-hand goods margin trading mode, housing rental deposit guarantee mode, can be completed in a mature payment system security mechanism. The two eruption of Alipay secured transactions can also provide life service platform to provide growth momentum.

according to the 58 city planning, Alipay will be the first to guarantee transaction services used in the second-hand goods transactions, and then gradually extended to the rent deposit guarantee, second-hand car trading guarantee in more than one direction, the future will extend to the wireless platform. (Zhu Kai) (CIS)

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