Vertical electric field is expected to exceed all fresh

Vertical electric field is expected to exceed all fresh

new year is coming, 2014 for the electricity supplier industry, is bound to be an extraordinary year, this year, the Jingdong two business tycoon Ali Ali have listed, the largest IPO records created a new richest man, two brothers firmly dominated a comprehensive business head chair, not a few years in the industry structure big change. In contrast, vertical electric field, equally brilliant, was founded only 4 years on the market, the market value of officially break the $10 billion mark, I bought net back on the world’s top 500 COFCO leading electricity supplier of food, in the integrated electricity supplier pattern has been set under the situation, vertical class electricity supplier rely on in their respective segments of the intensive and meticulous farming keeps good. The growth momentum, can become a China e-commerce in the field of a new blue ocean, and promote the rapid development of the whole industry, very worthy of attention.

vertical electric

towards the development of intensive and meticulous farmingComprehensive electricity supplier

to Tmall, the Jingdong has been led by the diversification of products, take advantage of one-stop service, and thus fast staking achieved rapid growth in the enterprise, but by the changes in the industry, more competitors and consumer buying habits change and other factors, the integrated electricity supplier market share growth is slow, even with the reduced signs of this from iResearch nearly two quarters of the B2C online shopping data can be seen, but at the same time,, shop No. 1 vertical electric providers by focusing on their respective advantages category, the core needs of mining specific people, and gradually realize the relative market share growth.

vertical class electricity supplier in the ability to accurately grasp the needs of consumers, as well as the integration of the industry chain can be said to be too strong comprehensive electricity supplier. Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary General of Boao forum for Asia, said: the price competition between the electricity supplier has long been the practice of consumers no longer impulsive consumption. With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption concept, the demand for personalized goods and services is getting stronger and stronger. It is corresponding to the consumer demand, some domestic vertical electricity supplier personalized, unique emerging, and by virtue of the development in many aspects of the products in the field of fine and professional services, and social marketing, enhance customer loyalty and more active. For example, specializing in cosmetics by CEO marketing of, replacing the corporate image on younger fashion of, dedicated to self built cold chain logistics, foreign direct mining to become the source of food security, food supplier first I bought the network, is the use of multi dimension innovation products and industry chain will help consumers to deep. To simplify the selection process by professional service level, so as to bring shopping efficiency and enhance the experience to build a strong brand.

fresh electricity grappling comprehensive strength or exceeded

fresh electricity in large vertical electric providers, investors and consumers get more attention and not too surprising, is the first domestic market changes, for fresh commodities growing consumer demand stimulus, coupled with Chinese continue to lower tariffs, imports of fresh food prices are cheaper, development space is full of unlimited fresh class business imagine, this.

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