Shanghai Expo Expo lead the trend of electronic information exchange

Shanghai Expo Expo lead the trend of electronic information exchange

Shanghai, World Expo, the grand opening of the moment, the world’s eyes are focused on the Shanghai River in Whampoa , and the online Expo is also known as the never ending World Expo. The official website of Shanghai, World Expo, has been a great convenience for China’s World Expo since its establishment, and has provided convenience and network support to people who want to learn about the expo.

the Internet has become an important direction of the development of enterprises, and in this economic environment, if not a good and stable support of the site of the group enterprises, will be divided into a vast network of cake. E-commerce business has been rapid development, the website to help enterprises improve efficiency, control risk, reduce costs and other aspects have a unique advantage, website construction technology is also in constant development.

website construction technology has experienced three times of technological development, has entered a more time and effort of the content management system (hereinafter referred to as CMS) intelligent station era. We were using the CMS system, do not need to hire their own high programmers, all website items can be finished by CMS system, only need to have a set of authorization code with the CMS system, you can build a variety of personalized website. As a result, the initial investment in the enterprise to reduce a lot, you can focus on the development of their own business.

CMS system software commonly used in the development of the language in general there are three: ASP, PHP,.NET. In these languages, ASP due to poor security, has been gradually eliminated by the market. PHP implementation of high efficiency, but because of its performance, and security weaknesses, the general use of small and medium sized web site development and construction, which can save costs for small businesses. The large group enterprise website, the general choice of.NET to achieve, the language of the expansion of the advantage is very prominent, and can withstand the pressure of a larger database.

At present,

, CMS system on the market to PHP language development, a large number of users have dream CMS, Empire CMS, phpcms,.NET for the development of domestic language more famous SiteServer CMS, PowerEasy CMS, general enterprises according to their own circumstances from these CMS choose proper oneself to the implementation of the project site.

now, more and more enterprises choose to share high-quality cyber source through the official website, the official website of the World Expo in World Expo during a visit to the amount of inflation under the condition of the CMS system is excellent, high-end, able to withstand the tremendous pressure to access the site is particularly important, as the domestic high-end SiteServer CMS CMS website brand, the formation characteristics of pure static pages the website can greatly reduce the pressure, World Expo is suitable for such a large-scale development and construction site.

e-commerce with vigour and vitality in all walks of life, who can make more effective use of resources, reduce network cost, improve efficiency, who will be able to occupy a favorable position in the development of the tide. The 184 day of Shanghai

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