Expose the professional Taobao seller is how to get money

Expose the professional Taobao seller is how to get money

Liar on the

network a lot, you accidentally cheated, for some small really difficult to distinguish. It can be said that the network which has not been cheated in order to make everyone less affected by some of the deception, Shao Lianhu blog today to expose a deceptive way, and do is more professional.


a few days ago, I spent 99 yuan to buy a WeChat marketing software to my blog Shao Lianhu VIP members. Because now more than micro business, WeChat marketing is also a lot of people want to do, so WeChat marketing software can be said to be the best.


marketing software has the function of automatically sending, automatic greeting, automatic add other functions, feel very good. Four years ago I used the QQ software and added mass software, but now these softwares are limited to the Tencent, WeChat did not expect the effect of mass software is so good.

WeChat marketing software called micro secret, I personally tested, but also to do a video tutorial to teach you to use, but also free to send two places every day to give you. This software Taobao personal version, that is, only one phone is used to sell about 27 yuan, the agent version of the sale of about $99.

the price in Taobao is almost the price, can not find cheap. I would have wanted to send you, and did not intend to use this software. However, we have to get free to get the registration code is very troublesome, then I sold ten yuan, Taobao are selling several times more expensive than me.

the things in the past a week, we are still using the software, I use a day later no longer in use, because I don’t need WeChat marketing, only on Taobao hung to sell, no promotion. After all, I bought a gift, really do not need to use this software.

this morning, a netizen asked me, what is the official website of this tiny secret. I think, the official website directly on the Baidu line, why ask me, I do not know. Then he said, he found a seller, said the company is a Guangdong, the little secret is their company developed.

, he sent me a picture, my God, I’m scared. Micro secret personal version of the price is 290 yuan, the agent version of the price is $1880. But also said the genuine authorized book, and genuine no risk of stolen funds. And he also checked, Guangdong does not have this company, is also suspected of cheating.

I asked him, why do you want to find genuine it? In fact, this is the network, a lot of piracy. Moreover, even if piracy and Zha, and not necessarily worse than genuine, at least cheap. In fact, this friend is most worried about the problem of funds, they also said that the possibility of piracy of stolen funds to scare them. We use the trumpet, you are not afraid of thieves, as follows:


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