The market worried about the store or counter attack a year on Friday in the Amazon

The market worried about the store or counter attack a year on Friday in the Amazon


Beijing on April 27th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon investment in distribution center and digital content, resulting in the second quarter operating profit is expected to influence market expectations, the company’s share price fell 7.24% on Friday, its biggest one-day drop in more than a year.

Amazon shares on Friday fell 19.89 U.S. dollars in the Nasdaq stock market trading, or $7.24%, to close at $254.81, the largest single day decline since February 2012. Amazon expects the company’s second quarter operating loss of $340 million to operating profit of $10 million, less than market analysts expected operating profit of $165 million 100 thousand. Amazon’s first quarter net profit of $82 million, earnings per share of $0.18, the company’s net profit for the same period last year was $130 million, earnings per share of $0.28.

Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) are putting money into the new distribution center and digital content, in order to attract new users and can bring additional revenue for the company third party seller. However, while spending growth in the Amazon, the number of sales of the company’s sales growth is still in decline.

Oppenheimer, an analyst at

investment bank, ·, (Jason Helfstein), said: "investors are disappointed with Amazon’s customers and sales growth. These two data will continue to decline."

Amazon said sales of goods as a retail sales indicator increased in the first quarter fell to 30%, down from last year’s $49%. JP Morgan analyst · (Anmuth) in this regard, the decline in this value, which means that as the main competitors in the Amazon, the store’s blood loss is gradually reduced Doug.

traditional retailer

Anmuth in an investor report released on Friday pointed out that with the traditional retailers to increase online choice, price matching more radical, and the confrontation with the Amazon is also more intense. Traditional retailers are losing market share."

even if the slowdown in sales growth, Amazon has made progress in reducing the cost of delivery. Last year, Bezos 20 new distribution center, by providing more rapid delivery services to attract them to participate in online shopping buyers. Amazon’s approach, but also in order to attract new sellers to sell goods through the Amazon site and fulfill orders.

CFO Thomas · Sikutake (Thomas Szkutak) said in a conference call, third party sales on Amazon products accounted for the company’s total sales of 40%. Sikutake said digital content.

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