Taobao account was sealed Ali’s King terms or helpless

Taobao account was sealed Ali’s King terms or helpless

friends broke the news, this time there were many users of Taobao’s account has been closed, and representations to no avail, these users of Taobao is very strange, why have your account be closed. The official reason given by Taobao is basically a system error, or what to buy cheap things. This attitude could not be accepted by the user, at least to give a good reason ah, or the terms of overlord. However, if you stand in the perspective of Taobao to analyze the problem, the closure of the account may just be helpless ali.

The number of Taobao

online users have billions of dollars, can be divided into two types of buyers and sellers, buyers should be most titles. As for why Taobao titles, reason may be that those accounts suspected of reputation on behalf of the brush, of course this audit will appear in the fire. Perhaps there is a problem with the system, it may be the time of the artificial audit of what problems, seeking truth from facts, said Taobao fakes too much. And on behalf of the credibility and sales of brush is also very common, mostly those who just opened a small shop, the urgent need to improve the credibility of the store. So I find someone to brush reputation rush into danger.

brush sales is the same reason, high sales of the product ranking will be very good, more important is that many buyers will look at the sales of the product, the general high sales of the baby will be higher degree of recognition. But those sales itself rarely are basically No one shows any interest in. In the aspect of technology, it is difficult to completely eliminate pinch brush phenomenon. Because these are the artificial generation of brush, usually in the QQ group, there are a lot of different places, and then brush each other’s reputation, due to different IP, and an account will not brush too much. So it is difficult to identify what is a normal transaction, which is malicious brush.

generation brush hazards are obvious, on the one hand will mislead buyers on Taobao users, obviously inferior products, but sales figures to flicker. On the other hand is also a great harm to the principle of fairness, so that those who do not brush sales and reputation sellers feel. So more sellers chose the brush service, which forms a vicious circle, Taobao officials must crack down on this generation of brush behavior. Can be so many Taobao users, the specific operation may not be able to do it.


to manage hundreds of millions of users, the truth is indeed very difficult, but also believe that this injury can hardly be avoided, we can understand. But the user is disgusted with Taobao’s service attitude, since it is the account was closed, it should seriously investigate the reasons. If the injury, it should be given for those rehabilitated, brush reputation can be permanent title of the trumpet. This is certainly not attracted users do not know there is no Voices of discontent. Ali, this attitude.

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