Webmaster website family money

Webmaster website family money

1, at the earliest time, in the time of 04 years, that is, when YAHOO launched the 1G mailbox, basically the entire network of webmasters are put in the ad

this ad is 1000 yuan per click is 60 yuan.

then we will say, 1000IP can earn 60 yuan ah, good.

actually, click on the ads, is the domestic click ads, on average, every 1000IP, no more than 5 dollars in revenue.

1000IP60 yuan, this is the highest price is 03 years, I came into contact with the network advertisement in this industry, I found that in recent years the real first over 60 yuan is to click on ads, YAHOO 1G mailbox, at that time the largest click alliance is the 3721 alliance, this is their business launch the.

generally click ratio will not exceed 5%

download station traffic is relatively high

we calculate, 10 thousand IP download station, a day’s income is how much.

10000*5%*60/1000=30 yuan

that is, if it is 1000IP, in fact, only 3 dollars in revenue.

this is why 90% of the owners are not profitable reason

is because China’s overall network environment is so

so when you say 1000IP can earn more than $100, 99% of the webmaster will call you nonsense.

because they know too much about the industry.

this is one of the most common forms of advertising

is the alliance click ad.

2, when we close the download page, often pop up a new page.

this is the second form of advertising, advertising is pop.

then a friend said that the 1000IP window is 6 dollars, plus the click, it’s not 10 dollars

1000IP, in fact, can pop up only about 30%, because each machine is equipped with intercept software.

that is the income is 8 dollars 1000*6*0.3=1 block.

download stations such as these are generally put some of the software information

this is the second form of advertising.

, for example, some management software, hotel software, such as

third forms of advertising, is similar to the sky and other software download station portal

these software are shareware.

software is divided into two categories

free software, >

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