After the penguin era Queen Jiang Hui or will set off a beehive revolution

After the penguin era Queen Jiang Hui or will set off a beehive revolution

the story of penguins and bees

Once upon a time, there was a


just enter 2000, the mundane, a cartoon Logo in the public eye gradually clear up, behind the forces on its own in the instant messaging market dominant share in just a few years, the rapid expansion of the Internet is the largest China monopoly company, its business with its crazy Everything is contained therein., replication capacity and for small and medium-sized Internet entrepreneurs me will prosper, overbearing attitude against me dead ", was the industry widely known as the" damn "- Tencent.

now 10 years later, in the foam swirling and dormant Internet business circles, there is a same humble bee.

at the end of 2009, the name "long" cutting-edge Internet entrepreneur Jiang Hui suddenly in the net fame. At that time, with the retreat before the wave of Wangzhuan boom bust, lots of reality for many webmaster nerve hang winter frost:

it seems to be a "liar"".

surface rippleless network has always brewing undercurrents of turbulence.

then Jiang Huizheng like the underground bentu of the fire, that to be poured out of lava……

The rise of

, the Logo empire of Jiang Hui, with the advent of 2010, seems inevitable.

what a storm will a little bee vibrate its wings,


from 4000 to 10000 months to earn cheated, losers: Jiang Hui –

to scrutinize the bee’s story, let’s start with another name:

about full of rivers and lakes

SEOwhy founder – known as the SEO world’s top technical experts – the only husband.

only its name, code of Lao Tzu "moral": "he does not contend, the world cannot compete with them" — this is full of ideal breath to tell us that the name of him as a technology to send SEOer to pursue the realm of the "positioning" thought of combination optimization practice SEOwhy site he finally proved duguqiubai strength to everyone, such a state eventually evolved out of the final SEOwhy strategy:

with the most authoritative system SEO technical training to train an average annual salary of more than 300 thousand pack

!In contrast,

and Jiang Hui founded the company, seems to be the only full of words between humility.

coincidentally, "at the" the name also originated from the "moral" Lao Tzu:

"the way of heaven, but not harm; the way of the saints, and not for."

it seems to only let us think of a "Datong scene together.

however, in 2010 a year in the Jiang Hui team viral.

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