Hilary to buy the domain name 2012 Com Hilary after 4 years to comeback

Hilary to buy the domain name 2012 Com Hilary after 4 years to comeback

according to U.S. insiders revealed that Hilary is plotting a comeback in 2012, again running for president of the United states.

According to

reports, "the White House said to his battles" determination, Hilary has been in June 8th to buy the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" (HRC2012.Com, HRC is short for Hilary).

U.S. media speculated that the purchase of the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" may be a company for the work of the Markham group of the company of the. Buy the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" has a double meaning, one is that 4 years after the election of the president of New York ready to run for re-election in the state of, another meaning is once again to the White House sprint.

June 7th, Hilary announced the withdrawal of the U.S. presidential election in 2008, and support for Obama. A day later, the domain name "Hilary 2012.Com" was purchased, which may be a coincidence. By 2012, Hilary was faced with two choices, either to run for the Senate again, or run for president of the United states.

is reported to have signed up for the first time in the Senate, Hilary · ();.Com (HillaryClinton.com), the site is still in use in. Hilary’s political action committee also has a website "HillPac.com".

American media also wondered why Hilary need to buy another specially marked 2012 new sites, it is Hilary’s supporters hope she made a comeback in 2012?

, after all, is now 6 weeks away from Hilary’s primary defeat, and away from the 2012 U.S. presidential election, there are still about 223 weeks.

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