Living consumption the next prosperous era of e commerce

Living consumption the next prosperous era of e commerce

share the data of the two groups: the first group to everyone, from the Ministry of Commerce has just released the "Chinese e-commerce report" that in 2009, China’s online shopping user scale is 108 million, the annual growth rate is 45.9%, the online shopping penetration rate is 28.1%. Department of commerce data, I tend to think that is very authoritative. From the absolute scale, e-commerce is not as good as some of the network video industry, but from the commercial effect, social effect and sustained growth rate, which is a group of terrorist figures.

second group: CTR Chinese business people survey (CBES) data, in 2008 China’s household income of more than 250 thousand of about 1 million 600 thousand, by 2015 this group is about about 4000000.

will be the two sets of data together, we can think that in online shopping e-commerce form has begun to take shape, and continues rapid growth, and China social strata in the high income group is growing, more and more people have higher expectations for e-commerce. This expectation is the most typical performance: people expect to achieve electronic life, through electronic means to achieve comprehensive and convenient living consumption, not only to meet the "buy cheap" demand for the Internet, besides the vernacular point, is the "daily consumption can better meet through the internet".

if you look back on the history of the development of e-commerce will find that the previous eBay, Amazon are based on online shopping – WAL-MART will move to the internet. This is the most simple, but also the most easy to achieve, as long as the trading platform, payment system, credit system, a sound logistics system can be. Global Internet with more than 10 years to complete this feat. Now, the full liberalization of the life of e-commerce has been opened, perhaps we need to spend more time to complete this more ambitious feat.

Baidu on the line just ah life platform of their own, we from some on-line data platform released by Baidu, you can see which contains the needs of users: Baidu may have about 700 million times every day search, including life and consumption related about 4, this 4 includes two parts: one part is the "commodity information", corresponding to the network shopping, probably accounted for 3, the other part is the broader life service information, similar to the wedding, education, entertainment and so on, accounted for 7. This shows that: every day a lot of Internet users expect the Internet to meet their living needs, and expect this channel to solve Baidu.

this is the biggest opportunity outside the online shopping platform. For Taobao, Taobao, Taobao also lost, Taobao in the netizens’ image is too curing "buy goods online, cheap". And you want to get married looking for wedding, looking for housekeeping services, etc., will not think of Taobao, but to Baidu. For Baidu, if the user needs and merchant massive information docking, if can meet the people’s consumer search and decision-making needs, and if we can further life service and sale of goods that have opened up, will undoubtedly open a huge e-commerce blue ocean. >

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