Talk about my bumpy Taobao shop experience

Talk about my bumpy Taobao shop experience

2011 I opened the electronic accessories store on, since the opening, always abide by the principle of honesty, abide by the provisions of Taobao, the store level is also high every day. Look at my Taobao shop step by step to grow up, I was very pleased, and then a few days to five drill credit. Busy all the time, I feel very alive. It can be said that I poured into the shop than my daughter to invest more. Every day from morning to night busy, every night to be busy until after midnight 1-2 computer.

, however, one morning in 2013, on June, suddenly landed on the. And then show that my account has a serious violation, has been frozen, I was thinking that is not a joke with me Taobao. Then click on the details below, suggesting that my shop is regulated by Taobao, the need to provide identity cards to open. I am very anxious, I thought there must be some misunderstanding in the inside, and quickly hit the Taobao customer service phone to ask about it. But unexpected things, even more serious, after I played numerous Taobao customer service phone, finally get through their phone, and then reply to me because of my store release of contraband goods, is permanently sealed, not open. This to me is like a bolt from the blue, I would not like to cry, I don’t know what is the contraband, I was ignorant. I repeatedly asked the Taobao customer service on the phone to give us a chance, let me check what is going on, or give us a warning in advance, I know why we have to seal. Miss service said permanent title is generally not allowed to open, said my is a violation. And my ID card can never be registered. This means that my Taobao store is never open again. To the customer in the side of the phone, while I cry on each other’s shoulder with her daughter. It can be said that I poured into the Taobao shop effort is not ordinary people can understand. Finally, in my repeated requests, Taobao customer service, said forty-eight hours to reply to me. To forty-eight hours, and I have not received any calls Taobao customer service.

this shop is too important to me, we are foreign migrant workers, the whole family life on my business this shop to earn the life of Qian Weichi. We are a husband and wife store, closed the shop for me, means that all of our family’s income is gone. My two days in tears, it is realized that every feeling. I haven’t had a meal for a few days, my body is broken, and I’m lying in bed. My husband said that if does not give me to open the shop, I do not know how to live, because the shop is now going to the five drill, the daily turnover in one thousand yuan, sometimes four thousand or five thousand yuan a day, two days off, it has almost no business. Off after a lot of customers and friends via SMS or phone to contact me, I felt sympathy for some friends, Taobao also advised me to buy a shop on the Internet, Baidu to carefully consult the shop to buy Taobao things, suddenly a bright eyes, and discuss a husband, husband is very supportive of me to buy the idea of the shop. >

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