V5shop online shopping mall system 3C e commerce classic project case

V5shop online shopping mall system 3C e commerce classic project case

hold up a blue sky! V5shop online mall system – 3C industry e-commerce classic project case

recently, investigation Chinese 3C online shopping market analysis report, the data show that the overall size of the 3C products online shopping is about 17 billion 920 million yuan (authentic), the proportion of Chinese 3C retail market is 2.26%, while the total online retail market share is 14.7%; including copycat products, overall sales will increase to 2 times. Relative to Europe and the United States and other western countries, 3C online shopping accounted for 20% of the proportion of the retail market, China’s 3C market in the short term value-added space can be maintained at least in the range of ~2500.00.

The digital

make 3C e-commerce industry a day

in addition to natural growth factors, such as consumer acceptance of online shopping, consumers will gradually increase the young state to replace the main consumer factors become 70; V5shop believes that with the continuous growth of Chinese Internet users, online shopping is becoming the norm of the network behavior of Internet users and the young generation network has gradually become the main consumer society, online shopping has entered a period of rapid increase, this is the best time to intervene businesses are interested in the development of online sales of new opportunities. Because online shopping has been completely mature, so V5shop in the digital electronic commerce platform construction project in concentrated study, V5shop 3C industry e-commerce solutions gradually improved, and summed up the needs of customers 3C industry the most fit upgrade.


digital, Zhejiang Lvsen Digital Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2003, is committed to the domestic B2C online shopping, with annual sales of over billion yuan, respectively, and the world famous brands such as Kodak, Fuji, Matsushita, Nikon, Canon, Samsung, CASIO, Lenovo, HP, Pentax, ASUS, Acer and ThinkPad to establish cooperation at the same time, with the opening of China Merchants Bank, Bank of communications, industrial and commercial bank, industrial bank, Ping An Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card installment and mail order business, is currently the main category of digital B2C website, also is the main partner of Alipay, fast money and other domestic third party payment company, signed data provider is also internationally renowned the data of GFK company.

at the moment, the digital has become China 3C digital industry e-commerce benchmark. However, in the digital electronic business platform upgrade construction, have encountered many puzzles. In the V5shop 3C e-commerce industry solutions in the implementation of the digital combined with their own needs and create a milepost type benchmark of e-commerce! Currently set up 2 green forest digital company and warehouse in Beijing, Wenzhou, to carry out the collection of money business in 1000 city nationwide, involving products and digital communication, mobile phone, notebook, small appliances, life department stores. Lusen since the creation of its own unique charm has been in development, after eight years of development, has become a model of contemporary Chinese network e-commerce enterprises.

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