Jingdong mall high quality user experience cited the healthy development of electricity providers

Jingdong mall high quality user experience cited the healthy development of electricity providers

as everyone knows, excellent user experience can make a modest store life; excellent user experience can make the first guests a variety of nostalgia and unforgettable; so that it no longer hesitate excellent user experience can tie up the hearts of customers. Apple can win the favor of many consumers with high prices, the most important thing is the best user experience.

look forward to the electricity supplier of the dispute is particularly fierce, you offer, I follow suit; you push the book, I follow up; you build logistics, I imitate. The current electricity supplier competition phenomena just like a hair get out of hand staged. As an electricity supplier users, the author of the current electricity supplier industry, the status quo inconvenient to say anything, but no matter how the competition, the user needs the best experience must not be abandoned.

not long ago, Jingdong mall launched a unique JOS cloud service platform, the platform is defined as the Jingdong and the seller between the "joint venture" platform, the official introduction of this service platform has two functions. First: standardize the operation process, improve operational efficiency; second: open up the seller’s information and Jingdong mall related systems for businesses to provide shops, sales, traffic and other aspects of data analysis. This can not help but let me think of a ERP management system before buying a website. Through the platform will effectively standardize all aspects of information, play a cost saving, accurate positioning, the purpose of optimizing the assembly line. At the same time, the seamless analysis of the two sides of the function of the data is really settled merchants get a good user experience.

Jingdong launched

mall JOS platform cloud services, the future is expected to better regulate its own resources transparently, humane, intelligent, to achieve product diversification and not because of the worry, because of the diversity order and not chaos, because of the complexity of management and do not panic, because of the regional logistics and no coke strategizing realm. And the conversion rate of the entire transaction along with the growth of the time and the staff will be running more and more high. No matter for the operators and consumers, is an excellent user experience.

so in addition to provide an excellent experience for users of cloud services platform for Jingdong, and let the author is more surprised by the recent Jingdong launched the "history of the strongest anniversary month" activities and self built logistics system engineering. We may ask, what is the relationship with the user’s best experience, I can only say that the user experience is not just the experience of the process link, but also the experience of the product, service experience.

It is reported that

Jingdong recently launched the "history of the strongest anniversary month" activities, the whole category of super price sales, the discount rate was rare in history. Then your business enterprise is the group staged a price war raging like a storm, here to tell you the truth, the author in the Jingdong of winner mall electricity supplier price war or freeze. Why do you say that? Listen to the author:

(1), the United States and the Jingdong suning.com mall price war analysis

suning.com, Gome online mall are from the line halfway up the development of electric plug, >

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