Online shopping no reason to refund seven days limit how

Online shopping no reason to refund seven days limit how

recently, many consumers reflected in a business platform for shopping and found the electricity supplier customer service refund system is in the network busy state, in the 7 day after the full refund, automatically shut down the busy channel, even has led to consumers in accordance with the requirements of the return, but no place to ask for a refund. Easy to refund the payment is gradually becoming one of the problems troubled consumers online shopping.

return refund rights protected by law

if consumers have goods required to return, but was forced to close business channel cannot lead to a refund, refund, consumers can complain to the electrical behavior of the administrative department for Industry and commerce or bring a lawsuit to the people’s court.

according to the "measures" punishment against the interests of consumers behavior of the provisions of article ninth, operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, in accordance with the law shall bear no reason to return the obligation, shall not intentionally delay or no reason to refuse. The operators have the following circumstances together more than 15 days, as intentional delay or no reason to refuse: (a) to apply no reason to return the goods, after receiving the consumer demands the return date not for return procedures; (two) not recognized by consumers, to the provisions of the goods does not apply no reason to refuse to return return; (three) to consumers has been opened, the impact of commodity inspection intact refused to return; (four) the date of receipt of returned goods without justifiable reasons not the return of the price consumers pay for goods. It can be seen, if the electricity supplier in the receipt of goods returned to consumers to close the refund channel, it constitutes a punishment in the case of the provisions, shall be punished in accordance with the provisions.

according to the consumer protection law provisions of article twenty-fifth, except for some special classes of goods or consumer has confirmed that should not return the purchase of goods, operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification. The business operator shall, within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned goods, return the commodity price paid by the consumer. Thus it can be seen that if the electricity supplier fails to return the payment of the consumer within the time limit prescribed by law, it shall bear the liability for compensation.

no reason to pay attention to seven days limit

online shopping consumers in the exercise of their seven days no reason to return the right to pay attention to the following points:

first, depends on whether the goods are returned to the legal provisions of the exception of goods. Online shopping consumer electricity supplier and the return of the dispute occurs, often attributed to the return of goods belonging to seven days no reason to refund the goods. The consumer protection act twenty-fifth lists several categories of Na seven days no reason for a refund of goods: (a) consumer made; (two) perishable; (three) online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products; (four) pay for newspapers and periodicals.

if consumers buy these four categories of goods, even if the goods have been returned can not enjoy the right to refund. However, it is not appropriate to confirm

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