Health care industry into the era of low threshold B2C urgent specification

Health care industry into the era of low threshold B2C urgent specification

referred to the health care industry, everyone’s eyes are hidden behind the high price of their profits.

indeed, health care products in the China has experienced the development from disorderly to orderly industry, its cheap raw materials, simple production and marketing mode, are destined to its to be covered outside the veil of "profiteering".

now has experienced 20 years of development, health care products, this was once considered the "gold everywhere", seems to have been premature to arrive at the bottleneck point of it: "raging wind phenomenon", and stereotyped, quick, dragons and fishes jumbled together marketing mode, all sorts of pit plus low threshold caused by buy abduction, make the health care industry caused doubts and criticism, the health care industry seems to have fallen into a chaotic and abnormal development of the circle.

in such a vicious environment, not willing to self destruct the manufacturers will have to choose another way, at the same time, they also hope that the relevant departments can introduce the corresponding policies for planning of benign market.

health products under the vicious competition B2C

B2C electronic commerce mode, has become in the noisy health care industry, new enterprises have been betting reform.

health care products "profiteering" has the whole industry into marketing mode in the teeth of the storm, the traditional also worry about the outside world, the traditional extensive predatory marketing practices and some manufacturers often false propaganda, bluff and deceive practices had so many consumers of health care products It is quite common for "bizarre concept" speculation, and even produced strong psychological resistance to such marketing practices.

analysts pointed out that the development of the market economy today, relying solely on traditional marketing methods have been unable to control the market. For the health care industry, the development of marketing tactics must be positioned in the ultimate goal of marketing – to grasp the consumer psychology, to meet consumer demand.

and B2C’s Taobao model, it is precisely based on this concept.

as a new model of e-commerce, B2C can play a real role in reducing production, storage, communication and other aspects of cost, more importantly, through the B2C marketing model, through e-commerce platform, manufacturers and consumers can make a quick and effective way of communication, can even face to face "through the video communication, so as to achieve mastery of consumer psychology, for consumers, free from the shortcut tantamount to" direct line "in the bombing of the.

threshold low market chaos to create a standardized

, however, the development of the industry to find the highway, but it does not mean that the industry can rest assured.

industry profits plus the threshold is too low, the health care industry to "follow suit phenomenon" is more and more serious, buy pit abduction cases have occurred, these are:

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