Alibaba arbitration to retrieve Taobao CN

Alibaba arbitration to retrieve Taobao CN

Chinese.CN into the new mainstream Chinese Internet

it is reported that following the 2004 January "Taobao.CN" arbitration failed, now rush in the new year "


expert analysis, "Chinese.CN" to Chinese many Internet users habits, as China Internet users preferred has become an irreversible trend. Alibaba after the acquisition of YAHOO China and 3721, the need to re integrate their brand resources, the establishment of a comprehensive brand protection system. As an important part of the Alibaba brand and business system, to occupy a larger share in the China e-commerce market, without the emphasis on the influence of increasingly powerful Chinese.CN domain name, with the Chinese.CN image of authority in the Internet Chinese, build network brand, expand business. This is the trouble at to retake "" by "

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