VANCL suspected plagiarism products under the framework of the United States’ complaints worries

VANCL suspected plagiarism products under the framework of the United States’ complaints worries



In figure

we can see that the design patterns and Shirt.Woot Eslite T-shirt exactly the same, but the color of the T-shirt and a slightly different styles.

June 17, 2010, a netizen claimed that the creative design of VANCL is suspected of plagiarism famous designer Flying Mouse and American T-shirt website Shirt.Woot.

could not withstand the pressure of Internet users broke the news, VANCL suspected plagiarism T-shirt already from the site under the frame, could not find on the website that a netizen revealed the alleged plagiarism famous American designer FlyingMouse and American Shirt.Woot website design creative T-shirt t-shirt. It is reported that Eslite this T-shirt in terms of style, color or pattern style, and the design of FlyingMouse as like as two peas.

the "daily economic news" reporter to call the four Eslite business of venture capital investment, LIAN IDG, Qiming ceyuan, Saif, in the face of its portfolio companies suspected of plagiarism in fact choose to avoid, not in the more sensitive issues refused an interview, is the reporter sent mail does not make any response.

company undertakes economic loss

users expose products suspected of plagiarism, the "daily economic news" reporter then consult the Eslite website, but found that the product has disappeared, and in an interview with the reporter Eslite media manager Li Jianxiong said is not convenient to talk about this, and said the T has no shirt at Eslite sell.


Shanghai public source firm Hu Jiongming lawyers in an interview, this event involves VANCL’s intellectual property rights protection, the United States to prosecution involving procedural and substantive problems in two aspects.

The so-called

program, the lawyer said: "the evidence must be fixed, to download the notarized, to verify if required by the state organs, to find traces through the connector and the site does not exist, there is no way to find prosecution, enough to prove that where the customer Eslite have sold this t-shirt." In addition, Hu also suggested that because of the protection of intellectual property rights have a regional, if the T-shirt design as a trademark in the United States is not protected, then we can use. That is to say, although the T-shirt had "not sold", but in the United States suffered website whether VANCL complaints remain hidden.

Huang Biao also proposed, does not rule out the United States before the company has done a number of forensic work on the web page has done a number of notary security, in the event of infringement within a year can claim damages. "For the protection and infringement of such products, China’s copyright law and our accession to the agreement on trade related intellectual property rights,"

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