Grand product poly reached the B2C price war Ge Binbin electricity supplier spoiler

Grand product poly reached the B2C price war Ge Binbin electricity supplier spoiler

national day just ended, the electricity business is facing heavy stormin trend! Today, the grand product poly founder in the microwave at Jingdong and Dangdang B2C, to carry out price war with the B2C! "In October 10th officially launched the product together ‘share’ experience, experience the purchase of all commodity prices must be low and Dangdang B2C Yu Jingdong! Goods purchase project category to poly experience such as profit, profit, from all the doors!" Ge micro-blog says, was a great Jingdong and Dangdang big price war trend, at the same time, Ge micro-blog also @ Jingdong Liu Qiangdong mall and Li Guo qing. This morning, Ge in micro-blog’s "shelling" immediately attracted many dialects theory, many industry professionals said "do not know what to do in the end in the GE


in March this year, Ge Binbin issued by the grand and joint venture in Beijing, to create a new C2C business platform, in May officially named as the "product of poly". As we all know, C2C platform and Jingdong B2C is a completely different business model, Ge in the subsequent public occasions also said that the product poly is a platform for businesses and consumers. But this time Ge Binbin directed the Jingdong and Dangdang, let people in the industry are not clear what is the product of poly platform or B2C.

since last year, the price war between the electricity supplier has never stopped, from the end of last year’s big promotion to the beginning of the May day price reduction to the summer storm, the price war between B2C never stopped. From the beginning of the Jingdong open book price war, Dangdang home appliance industry "money" to the late easion and Newegg’s price war, the price has been part of the most attention B2C. In particular, every time the year-end shopping season, the electricity supplier have come up with special skills play the promotion, with low-cost access to consumers. But the price war between the B2C platform and never mixed together, Taobao announced in September incorporated dozens of B2C business, but also did not use the price war by way of industry competition. Ge Binbin would allow electricity people scratching their heads, her "I do not know why




Taobao mall announced the "incorporation" of 38 B2C

throughout the Ge Binbin speech, it is not difficult to imagine the future product together really! By the way the price war directly reached the electricity supplier, with many B2C market consumers are the most effective and fast effective manner, can be seen the poly Sheng Dapin electricity suppliers to enter the market confidence. After the success of the online game industry, Ge also successfully turned into a new business in the electricity industry gorgeous transformation.

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product of poly internal sources, product clustering has officially started investment in August, the progress of the current investment is expected to exceed the imagination, in other platform pressure and the cost of the electricity supplier is higher today, the product together for many electricity providers, it is a new opportunity. At the same time, the official also broke the goods and products together, "experience purchase" project will be officially launched in October 10th, will bring consumers a genuine, fake a revolutionary new

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is then reached the online games industry history >

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