Talk about WeChat precision marketing may become feasible from

Talk about WeChat precision marketing may become feasible from

I’m very excited to be praised it, this is a landmark product! (to speak so directly you have seen this PR? PR interview can not be too. It is my research) communication, advertising and media industry these years, first let me feel I am experiencing the history of products.

last week I published "why WeChat’s marketing value greater than micro-blog" one article, brought a bad rating (if Taobao stores, estimated directly to shut shop), the author also was become the Tencent public relations, 50 Fen gunmen, idiotic and fart people, some say, reason I want to kill WeChat, it’s a shame.

but today I dare to write an article, to respond to questioning, and continue to add new thinking these days. The reason why I dare to write, because have been seriously as the user experience WeChat public account of the background, the author also personally operation, written views are summarized and abstracted from practical experience, so please tell me in Aguirre before their first to practice a scolding not later. The reason why I am willing to write, because I did see the huge commercial value of WeChat, and he is a person who can not hold back.

first, before we get to know WeChat, let’s go over some marketing knowledge. Marketing, can be roughly divided into "push", "pull" two categories. Push as the name suggests, is that you want to let the target population to understand the information pushed to him, whether or not he is willing to, traditional marketing is generally the idea. I do say, micro-blog marketing has so far not out of this logic, the textbook case basically is a legend, the real micro-blog marketing company which does not depend on the size of forwarding money? This is the traditional push logic, is a set of social coat on the outside.

Pull push is difficult to do, because of its high threshold, it is based on the push, you must have some old customers to do, because it is the logic of old customers "license" you do, otherwise you are harassing. Pull conversion rate must be much higher than push, because you are the potential object of the old customers, it is easy to understand. Pull typical media tools are email, SMS, call center, DM, etc., on the premise that your customers give you the information. In Tucao one, this kind of tool in China are made in push logic, email database is bought, SMS is junk, call center number is bought, this is not the essence of pull and spirit, because you didn’t get the license".

I read the article after the inference, scold my readers about heart only push marketing concept, think marketing is just to convey the message to potential customers and old customers no business ideas. I never said that WeChat in the push where there is force, that is still the scope of traditional marketing, but in this matter pull

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