Push a to cool cool game network promotion recommendations

Push a to cool cool game network promotion recommendations

today is the diagnosis examples bring you a little game, it is worth mentioning that the question of friends, has now become our moderator, hey.

landlord questions: Station Name: cool cool game network

web site: www.shaicoo.com a small game site, please push a forum website to help diagnose the diagnosis of friends.

positioning: small game site.

to ask questions: 1: the site’s key words how to set?

2: how can we go out?

3; small game site how to increase the user’s stickiness, there is no need to open a forum.

4: page layout line is not, as well as color collocation;

5: others can be diagnosed.

Li Yuanchuang: < meta name=" home page; keywords" content=" COOL; agile game, sun cool game " >     can add a little game of

Jiang Likun: first, about keywords.

from your site to see, the basic method of setting the key words, a good sense of. But now the biggest problem is that all the pages of the keyword is almost the same, which needs to be improved, as far as possible to make each page keywords are not the same. This will dwell on it, a lot of. You can visit the site to view the relevant information and download the relevant length of service.

two, on the promotion.

promotion is the premise of your game content enough, fast enough, updated frequently. The page is best not to pop ads what. In this big advance, then to promote. To tell the truth, for the promotion of the game site, but also a headache, there is no effective way. Because this kind of website has been a lot of games, there is no technical threshold, direct access to the Internet resources on the OK, and now the major portals will basically have such a channel, it should be said that competition is fierce. Personal feeling is the most effective means of promotion of this website is to promote cooperation, just to cite a few examples.

1, cooperate with other websites, build game channel. Two domain name can use his.

2, authorized cooperation. For example, with a number of Web sites, you give your content to them, in fact, is to allow them to use your FLASH address directly, and then they give you some links, or other promotion.

3, & >

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