Zhang Li how to promote independent personal blog

Zhang Li how to promote independent personal blog

Hello everyone, today I want to share my blog to promote experience, and a lot of my personal blog, independent blog is using WordPress as the core to build, in a short month my ALEXA to 400 thousand. Of course, I can not steal music alone, I would like to share my promotion methods. The main purpose of my blog is to see more people, no one read the blog and diary as it is very depressing thing. Share your thoughts and share your happiness. Well, I would not say nonsense, or say that this is my personal opinion you refer to the.

First we have to promote the

blog it on my own, the so-called spruced up to people, this is to make the page to feel comfortable, feel comfortable when someone was willing to continue to see your blog. Then we should pay attention to the quality of our blog. Whether it is useful to them, the quality of the article is very important, and this is the same temperament, is the key to increase the rate of return.

do a good job after independence blog must not forget to set up a gravatar head, this is our image logo oh. To go to some small personal blog said some very unique and useful comments, because these people will become our regular contacts. A blog blog is a pleasant thing, often can exchange the exchange of ideas of what.

know or stick in Baidu, I give an example of me. One day I know in Baidu see someone ask "how DISCUZ upgrade from 7 to 7.1?" then I use the text again, the last sentence is if you really cannot read on my blog to my blog, I wrote a graphic, and then leave the article in the reference the inside address. Finally, the answer was adopted, and then gave me a lot of traffic. The same principle can be done in many forums, but pay attention to the need to write and he has been, SPAM can not oh.

joined the blog alliance, such as chinablogs.org, which is built with WordPress and ZBLOG independent blog, I often put their best blog post to get the recommendation on the inside, a lot of bloggers to come. For some of the common interests of the blog we can also make friends so good for the blog.

link farms, the many individual owners are in use, I think the effect is not good, it is best not to use, although they say 1:10 traffic, I personally test is 5:1, but we are certainly not do suffer losses.

submitted to the web site, this is a new blog for PR is not so good, a little larger web site will not be included in general, unless you give money. Small station you have to take the initiative to make a connection to the home page. I remind you, home page links can not be used casually.

search engine, this is a word I do not know, you can go on

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