nventory of those amazing luxury copy

nventory of those amazing luxury copy

copy from the advertising industry, advertising copy, referred to by copy writer translation. Multi language refers to the advertisement information content form, the broad and narrow sense, broad writing ad copy including title, text, and image of the advertising slogan selected writing ad copy special collocation; including the title, text and slogans.

what do we take to impress the target consumers, in order to enter their hearts in what way, for many brands, this is indeed a hurdle, especially in market value.

do you think copywriting is a long way? Wrong! Let’s enjoy some of the world’s famous copy:


fashion popular for many years, not only brought a number of classic products for us, the advertisement, advertising industry has also been the object of study, today Xiaobian for this article you choose, is a good summary of the inception of Chanel’s classic advertising paper case.

Don’t time beating a wall,

, spend, on

hoping transform it into a to door.

don’t waste your time on a wall, you can’t make it a door.

I love And lies not richness and ornateness in but the absence of vulgarity.

in luxury luxury.

Vulgarity is ugliest in our I stay in the game to fight it.

language. word the

I love luxury. Luxury does not mean expensive and luxurious decoration, luxury is without vulgarity.

vulgarity is the ugliest word in our language. I’m designing to fight against vulgarity.

Luxury be comfortable,

, must

otherwise is not it luxury.

luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

too much, have to admit that Chanel is really a copywriter. A lot of words in the hearts of girls, so that people buy a desire to buy a rising


You actually own Patek You merely look after > > > Philippe. a never

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