B2B content marketing should be how to do

B2B content marketing should be how to do

by Nene: 13 years experience in marketing communications enterprise B2B old driver Wanhua, currently working in leading global Sandvik B2B group has 150 years of history. This is his participation in the evolution of the chief content officer after the experiment, from the road, law, the level of technology on the content of the official B2B marketing carding and thinking.

as a B2B marketing old driver, I usually work to shape the brand and generate sales leads, before the establishment of brand mainly depends on a series of media and public relations activities, generate sales leads mainly by participating in the exhibition industry conference, advertising in the media industry and customer activities held vertically. However, it is now more and more people find that the press release, the quality and quantity of sales leads collected in the exhibition are also declining year by year, the online and offline advertising is expensive and the conversion rate is very low.

this dilemma forced me to change the work method, and content marketing seems to provide a bright way out. Compared with the traditional marketing, content flow of low cost high conversion rate and keep user stickiness strong, but as a relatively conservative B2B industry, content marketing how to combine its own characteristics, so that the industry in the elephant dance at the same time, not out of life is what I have been thinking about the next quest.

very fortunate to participate in the chief content officer industry evolution experiments, not only to listen to the nine large coffee instructors share the wonderful, the depth of communication and tutors, students also benefited me. These include the content system of copywriting, creative, video, community, and other top brand occasion and trendy play, feel like Jiuyang Magic Power, once helped me break through the two big puleses.

so how to break the B2B content marketing integrated nine instructors courses, I think it should be from the road, law, technology to solve the three levels.


is the starting point for everything we do. B2B enterprise has a natural advantage, because every B2B companies have dozens of years as one day in cultivating one or several fields, all the necessary conditions or itself these opinion leaders in the field of. B2B industry customers purchase decision cycle is long and a large number of participants, so it determines the content of the traffic is impossible or difficult to directly into sales. Therefore, I think the content of the B2B marketing is more direct to the brand service, and then through the influence of the brand to bring sales transformation.


is what we do. Here I recommend Miss Sha Jianjun (usually claiming the sand monk) the original "Lonely Nine Sword" dafa. I think these systematic ideas and logic, is very conducive to the establishment of B2B enterprise content marketing system, so the following one by one.

is a profound understanding of the audience. You need to grab and tap the user (or user’s) points of pain, tears and laughter, and then

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