Three weakness of Google Chinese search

Three weakness of Google Chinese search

search engine market in the world, Google with absolute advantage over more than and 200 competitors, ranking first. As early as the end of 2003, Google accounted for 56.1% of the global search market share, more than Yahoo of. Although YAHOO search is the originator, but Google by mentioning the search, YAHOO catch up from behind, people first thought is Google.
Chinese in the search market, Google also once lead, but with the increasingly powerful competitors, Google Chinese search has been retired, and the domestic market is weak, compared with the English search market leader status, Google Chinese is not from the heart, and with the decline of the decline.


Chinese under attack from all directions

March 25, 2004, Zhou Hongyi has publicly said in the media, I am in China’s task is to replace the Google down". Only a year ago, YAHOO Chinese Google down.

iResearch (Ai Rui) released the "2004 Chinese Search Engine Research Report", Baidu, YAHOO and Google were 36.29%, 22.72%, 21.22% of users share occupy the domestic search engine market before three. According to the Sohu announced the "2004 China search engine ten list" (TraCQ electronic name card "search ranking data show, Baidu) with a share of 33.91% to occupy the first, Google’s share is only 22.72% and third place.

iResearch’s statistics also show that, at present, the number of visits per day of Baidu has risen from 60 million last year to more than 100 million. And Zhou Hongyi is more ambitious to declare, my goal is to let YAHOO China sit on the throne of China’s search market leader".

actually, Google not only trapped in the mainland market, but also in Hong Kong and Taiwan region is not booming. The search market in Taiwan, the Yahoo and the YAHOO Canada ranked first, followed by only Google. The search market in Hongkong, Yahoo Google is the champion, but the flesh is weak.


and YAHOO Chinese double attack, the Google Chinese day is better than no future. In China, Google is under attack from all directions, said of an aged person, in addition to Baidu, Sina, NetEase, TOM, 3721, 21CN for the fixed ranking and PPC share, Sina has its own brand by Dr. " " check; and the use of Chinese search technology to launch the search rankings, the Sohu’s sub brand Sogou " " also launched a toll number. Baidu PPC has formed the climate, due to the low cost, attracted more than 50 thousand business users, the customer renewal rate ranked in the domestic network.

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