WeChat marketing corporate public number how to do the content

WeChat marketing corporate public number how to do the content

with Tencent’s Internet resources platform, WeChat (Wechat) since its launch has been widespread concern and application of many enterprises and individuals. As a popular marketing platform, WeChat is divided into the service number and the public number, then, how to do a good job in the business of WeChat public number of content marketing it?

to do a good job in the marketing of WeChat public numbers need to proceed from the following aspects:

comprehensive collection of content required by WeChat


marketing required content should be closely around the current hot news, popular and interesting topics, discussion about the work, how to look at some famous movies and various celebrities, success and interpersonal relations, new function and product promotion activities and so on, can be used as WeChat creation topic. The premise is how to choose the right time at the right point of the topic, and around the topic of creation, in order to attract fans attention, and achieved good exposure.

for WeChat to create a detailed full material library

said: good preparation is half the battle. WeChat needs a lot of content and material, if there is no accumulation of the slightest, then it is likely that when the book to use less hate". Therefore, in peacetime should pay attention to the accumulation, required by multiple platform search material, and can prepare some material library and picture library, as the material in this way, if used to check the material library, useful to the nature can save a lot of time and cost.

pick a suitable and attractive Title

"wine is also afraid of deep alley". Good topics also need to match a more attractive title, as the saying goes, the title of the party, allowing users to quickly get an overall impression. To this end, you need to write and refine your title, be sure to be concise, clear, attractive, at a glance.

write a fascinating opening

the beginning of the first paragraph can attract people directly determine the content of the open frequency. To do this, you need to focus on the title to write the first paragraph of the first sentence, original and attractive, directly to the contents of the smooth, a good introduction.

clever use paragraphs to describe the contents of the title

A WeChat

content about the control in 500~800 words, the content will be lengthy reading fatigue, therefore, need to use paragraphs headings for each paragraph to the content of a small sum. In this way, the reader can quickly learn from the title of the article, and according to their own needs to choose the right content for reading, at the same time, the purpose of corporate propaganda is reached.

understand the content intention with the picture

the right words often can not quickly, ready to convey information to the user, at this time, if coupled with a picture to illustrate, then the effect will be doubled. Therefore, it is necessary to understand all the content, interpretation, and then insert the contents of WeChat

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