From the post bar three hours to get thousands of P to promote the sharing of actual combat cases

From the post bar three hours to get thousands of P to promote the sharing of actual combat cases

first to pay New Year’s call happy tiger year, and good health, family happiness! 2010 money! A few days ago to see Mou Changqing teacher wrote an article from the "Post Bar 2 days get thousands of actual IP promotion case" is generally said to share, do a new promotion at Baidu Post Bar, resulting in 2 days time gets thousands of IP. Read the article and I was very envious, because look at the article before I did a new station, and I also want to in Baidu Post Bar in publicity, but my station is an Links navigation station, it is difficult to do the really Post Bar in Baidu, so I was in [it] [website promotion Links]. The other station to send a few Post Bar naked AD (ads), but it is not what effect.

I do not know a SEO, do not understand the website promotion, a new station on the line, I first thought of doing signature in behind, laggards forum should be said that the weight is high, and sometimes to what little MJJ signature, ha ha. Because usually at home is not what, in the forum that outdated irrigation, the effect also is very good, the line on the website Google included on the second day, the third day was included in Baidu, IP every day at around one hundred, mostly from behind to the forum. One day, because out of something, there is no time in the irrigation, the flow of the site on the day down, it seems to be a lot of effort to promote the early.

above is not the focus of the article, let’s talk about the theme of it. A few days ago, I made a blog with a new site in two level domain name, want to through the blog to raise the website of the Alexa world rankings, just finished, I wrote a first article, and then tell the classmates and friends of my blog address, this is also a means of promotion. In order to improve the weight of the site, I also write the original article every day, but the flow has not been very good. Yesterday on the thirty night, I see some of the Spring Festival evening show, wrote in the blog, also reproduced some things, then want to write original, well indexed by search engines, but actually I do not think so, it seems that few search engines to my website or blog, let me down. Until about six this evening, I think of Baidu post bar. I went to see the Baidu Search Ranking, look at the popular keywords, and then use Baidu Search this keyword, look at the first page of many Baidu Post Bar, point to open a post, in the post is not very high, so I will reply to you, and with one of my blog web site. Oh, after my mother called me to dinner. Fast seven points when I as usual, see flow statistics, a flow of up to a few hundred, so I view Road, most of them are the original post I reply in Baidu Post Bar in the heart is very happy, so to do, look at other popular search keywords, wrote several article Post Bar in soft recovery, the effect is really good, in three hours, the flow is almost two thousand, but for reasons of space, the site was Servic>

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